7 Niche Holiday Homes In The UK That You Have To Visit!

Going on holiday is exciting and fun, but why not liven up your getaway with a unique sleeping experience?


Going on holiday goes hand in hand with excitement. It’s the chance to getaway, relax and enjoy the area around you. Sometimes though it’s nice to visit a place that is unique and unlike anything you’re used to. It’s an adventure.

Across the UK there are tonnes of unique holiday homes and places to stay. Ones that you may want to consider when booking your next vacation. The best part is there are some great affordable adventures that you, your friends and your family can enjoy. See the list below and starting planning today!

Coppins Farm

Image courtesy of Coppins Farm via Unique Holiday Cottages

Imagine if it were acceptable to fall asleep on the train with no fear you’d miss your stop. Well, Coppins Farm may have the answer. The only difference is the carriage is stationary. Coppins farm has carefully converted a Victorian railway carriage into a holiday home that sleeps up to four people.

The farm is no longer working but the picturesque surroundings remain fully intact with the preservation of wildlife and wildflowers. Given it’s a farm, animals are more than welcome, including any pet horses that you want to leave roaming in the meadows.

Alongside the scenic area, you have the opportunity to:

  • Go Horse Riding
  • Drive A Tractor
  • Fly A Plane
  • Go Deer Watching
  • Go Boating or Fishing
  • Go Searching For Badgers &
  • You Can Borrow Bat Detectors For An Evening Of Bat Spotting.

The 1885 East Region First Class Victorian Railway Carriage has two bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen living area and a covered veranda. During peak season (August) the carriage can be rented out for £400 a week. The property can be rented for a minimum of two days which costs between £165 to £240 depending on which month you visit.

Located on the edge of Stour Valley in Alphamstore, Suffolk, the railway holiday home isn’t too far away from the ancient market town Sudbury and the large village of Bures. Whilst secluded the farm isn’t far from local amenities with buses and trains available for transport.

For more information visit the Coppins Farm website.

Tom’s Eco-Lodge

Image Courtesy of Tom’s Eco Lodge

Dedicated to Eco-travelling, Tom’s Eco Farm has created safari tents, pods, cabins and cottages for a unique getaway. Tapnell Farm resides in the Isle of Wight and is only a short journey from Port Yarmouth.

With sea views, sandy beaches and space to roam you can either make the experience adventurous or relaxing. Depending on your holidaying style, of course. Solely staying within the farm can easily be achieved as it’s fully kitted out with a restaurant, gift shop, hot tub and gallery. For entertainment for the kids, the farm has a play barn, farm tours and adventure activities. Plus adults and children alike can pick their eggs from the chicken coop for their breakfast.

Tom’s Eco-Lodge not only helps the planet but it also caters for a variety of holidaymakers. The Modulogs is a brand new addition, after opening earlier this year. They are open all year long and offer an unusual glamping experience. The extraordinary accommodation comes with all the essentials including:

  • Compact Kitchen (Microwave/Grill, Two Ring Electric Hob, Fridge, Sink, Kettle & Toaster)
  • BBQ & Pizza Oven
  • Patio
  • Dining Tables
  • Log Burners &
  • Parking

The Modulogs can house up to six people with two bedrooms and two comfy sofas that fold out into beds plus there is a separate bathroom. Despite the outdoor feeling, the Modulogs come with electricity and WiFi which can be readily accessed throughout your stay.

Due to the exclusive and unique nature of the Modulogs, it is a more expensive than the property above. A seven-day stay would cost over £1,400 in peak season. Although pricier than other getaways the property can host more guests which in turn could reduce costs.

With a multitude of activities and villages/towns not situated too far away, Tom’s Eco-Lodge certainly has the niche factor.

Shaldon Beach Hut 1

Image Courtesy of Shaldon Beach Hut 1 via Unique Holiday Cottages

Shaldon Beach Hut 1 is a relatively new conception. The owners have chosen to transform seaside beach huts into a cosy holiday home on the sea front. Located in South Devon, Shaldon Beach Hut 1 is a rare property that can home up to four guests.

Although beach huts are typically small confinements, this property is designed with utmost comfort. Having both an upstairs and downstairs enables the property to feel bigger, especially with the open plan setting. As an added bonus, the hut also comes with a secluded terrace all kitted out with stylish beach side furniture. There is also one parking space available for guests, a great deal given the close proximity to the sea and town.

Whilst it’s the perfect property for summer, Beach Hut 1 is also the perfect winter getaway for a romantic staycation. With underfloor heating and intimate setting, the beach hut can easily be an unusual winter break.

During peak season a seven-day stay can cost over £900. It’s a fair price given a unique style, features and close proximity to the sea.

This 5-star luxury property has gained much attraction since its conversion. Just last September the property was listed in the top 12 Beach Hut properties in the world, by MailOnline Travel. It’s also been featured on BBC 1, Country File and George Clarke’s Amazing Places, as well as multiple national newspapers.

To book your beach side getaway visit Shaldon Beach Hut online.

The Towers

Image Courtesy of The Towers via Unique Holiday Cottages

Ever wanted to live like a king for a week? Here’s your chance. The Tower in Reynoldston, Swansea is a castle retreat, that lies at the front gates of Penrice Castle.

In the 1790s Penrice Castle built a Gothic folly to create the appearance of a ruined castle. This has since been turned into a holiday rental home that has a lot of attraction for newlyweds and couples.

With access to the historic park and gardens, the tower is a very appealing place to stay. It’s ideal for boating, golf, water sports, horse riding, fishing and walking.

Yet staying inside is equally comfortable as the castle comes with a kitchen, sitting room, washer, dryer and bathroom. The master bedroom is a circular shape that is suitable for two. All of which is complimented with the multiple Gothic windows that look out onto the vast greenery of the castle gardens.

The exceptional structure and grandeur of the castle make the property highly desirable. Unsurprisingly, staying at the property isn’t cheap and bookings are hard to come by.

Then again how many people can say they’ve slept in a castle and lived like a King or Queen?

Visit The Towers website to book your stay, your highness!

The Dipping Shed

Image Courtesy of The Dipping Shed via Unique Holiday Cottages

If you enjoy secluded holidays with your own privacy The Dipping Shed is the perfect holiday home for you. This characterful retreat in Shropshire can only be accessed by climbing a steep hill and then a set of stairs.

The rural estate is well and truly hidden away for those who want to relax away from civilisation. Despite being out of the way guests can still have fun as they search for several hidden treasures located around the property.

Not to mention the scenic features that scour across the area, providing beautiful views of the West Lake and Long Myrd.

Inside the property has an open plan layout with the kitchen, living room, double bedroom and bathroom. There is an upstairs double bedroom but it can only be accessed by a sturdy ladder. Despite the secluded nature, the holiday home comes with electricity that is powered by a generator and there is also a wood burning stove and Rayburn, each powered by gas.

Although the property is hidden away entertainment isn’t far off. Within a few minutes drive or ten-minute walk, there is a Main Hall and Ballroom. Which you can enjoy a fun atmosphere and good food.

The Dipping Shed provides an entirely new meaning to the typical English staycation. Nestled around trees the holiday home provides a romantic atmosphere for holidaymakers to enjoy. The property is open all year round with prices differentiating between certain seasons. In the Christmas months, a weekly stay would cost £750 whilst peak summer season costs £650.

Depending on your holiday preferences, the hidden property may cater to you more than a lively beach side resort. If you wish for a secluded staycation then head over to The Dipping Shed website.

Wanderlust Gypsy Caravan

Image Courtesy of Wanderlust Gypsy Caravan

Here’s a staycation property that isn’t like any other. Not only can holidaymakers stay in a traditional gypsy caravan they can also ride throughout Cumbria and the Lake District. With horses and beautiful lake and countryside views readily available, the gypsy caravan is far from typical.

The brains behind this unique getaway are Barny and partner Katus who have spent decades restoring Gypsy caravans. The business has been so successful that they took on a new member who spends his time creating new paths for guests to enjoy.

Each caravan has been kitted out with a gas cooker, all the essential kitchen necessities, a cottage tent and soft seating. Bathrooms are located at the various campsites that the caravan will reside in each night.

Although simple in design the caravan can still hold up to two guests. During peak season (August) a four day stay costs around £800. Given the property is a horse draw portable holiday home that roams through the Lake District, it’s certainly a worthwhile experience.

For more information head over to the Wanderlust Gypsy Caravan website.

The Old Chapel

Image Courtesy of The Old Chapel via Unique Holiday Cottages

As the name suggests this property was once a chapel that has since been renovated to create a large, open spaced holiday home. The former chapel has been modernised to fit up to eight adults and two children in eloquent rooms.

Located on the slopes of Slad Valley in Gloucestershire, the holiday home has spectacular views of rolling hills and ancient woodlands. All of which are on the doorstep of the property.

Despite the secluded setting, you still have the option of days out as the Old Chapel isn’t too far away from Cotswold, Bath or Cirencester.

Whilst the surrounding area is an impressive feat the inside of the holiday home is equally impressive. The owners have taken their time to cater for any type of guest.

There is a spacious kitchen and dining area which leads into the large open plan living area. As for entertainment, the Chapel is kitted out with:

  • Satellite TV
  • DVD Player
  • WiFi
  • Digital Radio
  • Docking Station
  • Children’s Den (TV, Playstation, Wii, DVD Player, Beanbags, Boardgames and Books)
  • Enclosed Trampoline
  • Large Garden & Elevated Terrace.

The Chapel is available all year round and has off-road parking for up to four cars. The property itself has had a remarkable renovation yet prices are reasonable with a weekly stay at high peak season costing £1,600. With spectacular views, close proximity to villages and towns and an extensive range of entertainment, The Old Chapel has been thoughtfully renovated.

Nicely Niche-d!

Holidaying in England has developed across the board with seaside b&b’s being favoured for countryside and city breaks. Which, in turn, has led to unique holiday homes popping up all over the UK.

Whether it’s secluded intimate properties or large plan spectacular designs, holiday homeowners have worked to be different. It’s the different places and properties that make holidays more memorable and enjoyable. Why not give it ago and relax in a cooky place for a few nights. You’d certainly have an interesting holiday story to tell.

Katie Hetherington, travel enthusiast on a quest to find unique and affordable holiday homes in the UK and overseas. I’m always on the lookout for new places to visit and for more holiday home articles, ideas and information follow Schofields on Twitter and Facebook.

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Can You Brave These Worldly Cuisines?

It’s a long-standing joke that when Brits go on worldly trips they stick to what food they know. But are we missing out or making wise decisions?

It’s a long-standing joke that when Brits go on worldly trips they stick to what food they know. Usually, it’s a meal that comes with chips because we like them.

What is it that makes us so afraid? Is it the colour, texture or is it simply because we don’t want to? Are we restricting ourselves from a mouthwatering meal or are we making a wise decision?

Some cuisines we are missing out on but some we might be avoiding for good reason. Then again it’s also wise to avoid certain British foods. For we have our mighty range of strange combinations and an addiction to tea.

Here are five countries that have brought us the good, the bad and the slightly disgusting cuisines.


France is renowned for it’s delightfully rich tasting food. Whilst this may be true, the rich food comes in both delightful and not so delightful, to say the least.

Délicieux (Delicious)

On the whole, the French make incredibly rich, creamy wholesome dishes and food that is heavenly.

Take for instance the beautiful things they’ve done with cheese. They introduced Baked Camembert, the perfect melting cheese for a cheesy fondue (one of their idea’s). Then, of course, for meat lovers, there is Bœuf Bourguignon, otherwise known as tender beef, soaked in a red wine stew. Plus Hachis Parmentier also referred to as the French, Shepherd’s pie, with a beef soaked in red wine and topped with creamy mash potato.

And one of their famous delights, the croissants. AKA, the buttery, soft, flakey pastry that just melts in your mouth. Team that up with jam and you’ve got the perfect breakfast or snack to delight in.

Brut (Gross)

Despite gracing us with such treats as listed above, the French have been somewhat experimental when creating other delicacies.

Many French dishes include peculiar ingredients and the dish escargot is in favour of that statement. Escargot is a dish with the primary meat being a snail, that you have to scoop out of the shell. There’s just something that’s slightly unnerving about eating a snail but each to their own.

While escargot seems bad to believe it or not, there are worst. Thymus gland of a hog is another treasured delicacy, to order at a restaurant just ask for Ris De Veau.

Hog is a favoured animal and another key ingredient in the meal Tete De Veau. Once translated it means ‘head of a calf’. The entire head is served up, alongside all the trimmings. Something just a bit off with that one, wouldn’t you say?

French food is a mixture of mouth-watering and stomach-churning dishes. In whole French cuisine isn’t that bad and in the end their experiments with food paid off.


Photo credit: sunshinecity via Visualhunt / CC BY

Italy is probably one of the most flavourful countries that many enjoy. It’s a country that is behind some of the most fabulous food creations and sadly some of the worst!

Delizioso (Delicious)

As mentioned above, Italy is the homage to some of the most desired food, especially after a night out. Without Italy, we wouldn’t have pizza and without pizza, is life worth living?

Let’s not discount the amazing things they do with pasta? Lasagna the perfect layers of pasta meat/veg and cheese. Then they have the pasta masterpiece of Ravioli, which involves meat/spinach and ricotta being wrapped in pasta all of which is coated in herby, tomato sauce. And let’s not forget spaghetti bolognese, yet another tomato, meat/veg, pasta combination. You just can’t beat it.

Not to mention the gelato otherwise known as Italian ice cream. In comparison Gelato, makes all other ice creams taste like a sham. The smooth, flavoursome gelato melts in your mouth and glides down your throat. Once again, you can’t beat it.

Schifoso (Gross)

Although Italian food is adored and has been adopted into various cultures there are some rather gut-wrenching foods that really shouldn’t exist.

For instance, maggot cheese. Yes, cheese that is squirming with maggots. Maggots which have to be eaten whilst alive or you could get ill. Whereas eating them alive will save you from horrendous stomach cramps…

It’s said that the maggots help with the fermentation of the cheese and provide added flavour. Apparently.

Similar to the French, Italians like snails also but there is just one slight difference. Italians prefer them to be raw. Cooked or uncooked snail, what would you choose?

Although raw snails and bug infested cheese are a thing, on the whole, the Italian’s did well. We wouldn’t cast them away just for a few bug infested meals, not while there is pizza in the world.


Photo Credit: Ania Mendrek via VisualHunt / CC BY-ND

Despite being a renowned place to visit given it has produced legendary athletes and actresses alike, their cuisine isn’t very well known. Just like the others though, it has its fair share of tasty and not so tasty dishes.

Delicioso (Delicious)

Portugal has, like many other countries, experimented with its cuisines, some which have been highly successful.

Take for instance Bolo Do Caco, a dish that has a slight twist on garlic bread. Instead of a flat bread or ciabatta design, the Portuguese prefer to bake a large dome-shaped loaf. You can’t complain about that, the more the merrier when it comes to garlic bread, right?

What seems to be a key ingredient in many cuisines is cheese and the Portuguese are certainly in the mix. Oneidas De Sintra is a delicacy in which cheese is surrounded by egg pastry. Buttery pastry that’s rich in flavour. It’s the perfect snack or entrée.

Given the close proximity to the sea, Portugal have access to fresh fish, making fish quite the delicacy. Bolinhos De Bacalhau is a mixture of herbs, spices and fish that have been lightly battered to create a tasty fritter.

Bruto (Gross)

While there are many dishes that have been crafted with a mixture of fresh ingredients, there have been a few food experiments that shouldn’t have been attempted.

One of Portugal’s most famous and popular delicacies is Polvo a Lagareiro otherwise known as, octopus. Typically, a dish that is strangely enough (to us Brits) eaten on Christmas Eve. While it may be a dish that many may try, the squidgy yet chewy texture just seems a little off-putting.

Another dubious creation is the meat and bean stew, Feijoada Tramontana. Whilst that sounds pleasant enough, the meat in the stew is the remaining cuts of a pig. This usually includes knuckles, eyes, ears, snout and any other imaginable and gross leftovers.

Portugal’s interesting food combinations are certainly unique whether you find them tasty is another matter. But on the whole, Portuguese food has a good reputation for comfort food that is rich in flavour.


Photo via VisualHunt

Spain the country that introduced us to tapas. It’s a meal that effectively lets you choose different dishes when you’re tied between which meal to order. Their fiesta of spices and sauces have made revolutionary culinary advancements. Yet there are still some Spanish dishes which really shouldn’t have been created.

Delicioso (Delicious)

As mentioned above, one of Spain’s traditional menu items is tapas. There is a multitude of dishes that can be included in a tapas, many of which are filled with exquisite flavours.

Tapas is usually a choice of three smaller portioned dishes. They can include:

  • Patatas Bravas: Potatoes that are coated in a spicy tomato sauce.
  • Empanadas: Pastry filled with meat not too dissimilar to a British pasty.
  • Albóndigas: Saucy meatballs
  • Chorizo a la Sidra: Slow cooked chorizo sausage.

There are so many it’s hard to list them all but let’s just say, very few are let downs.

Further dishes and treats included Paella. A dish rich with rice and prawns infused with red sauce. Over the past few years, Paella has grown in popularity following the fish health kick.

And of course, let’s not forget the delectable taste of Churros. Sweet, fried batter smothered in sugar and coated in chocolate if desired.

Bruto (Gross)

Spanish food is somewhat a fine and treasured food producer, however, they still have their fair share of disturbing delicacies.

The main one being the blood sausage. For those who don’t know, a blood sausage is made up of the congealed blood of a hog. Which is then is cooked in lard and wrapped in a hogs intestine. Every part of the animal that should have been chucked is combined as one to create the blood sausage.

However, that not as bad as the disturbing dish, head cheese. The name is highly deceiving as this is not a dairy product. Head cheese is another pig infused dish that combines all aspects of its head. It’s often described as a meat jelly or terrine. The dish is that frowned upon that people believe it to be a myth, sadly it is not.

Spain has definitely been daring when it comes to their cuisine, some have worked and some sound like they shouldn’t. However, they are dishes that are highly rated by the Spanish nation. The question is, are you brave enough to try?


Photo credit: kadluba via Visualhunt / CC BY-SA

Brits aren’t just funny about what they eat when they’re abroad there are many English dishes that aren’t highly rated. Just like any country we have dishes that people would consider strange, unnatural and downright disgusting.

Then again we also have food that is part of British lifestyle. It’s the food that brings comfort on those cold, rainy days, so that’s every day really.


One of the nation’s favourites is Fish n’ Chips. You’d be hard pushed to not find a chip shop in every corner of England. Naturally, the best chip shops reside at the seaside for that is where the best and fresh fish is.

Another tasty treat/meal that Brits go mad for are pasties. Imagine pastry filled with an assortment of meats, cheese, sausage, potato, you name it we’ve got it. In recent years there’s been some development on the pasty front with a multitude of wonderful flavours gracing pasty shops across the nations. Such as:

  • Sausage & Bean Melt
  • Chicken Tikka
  • Steak Bake
  • The Festive Bake (A Christmas Dinner in Pastry)
  • The Spicy One (Fajitas in Pastry? It’s a Limited Edition Often on Sale Near Halloween Time)

Delightful or not us Brits can’t get enough of them.

Whilst these are firm favourites there are many other home cooked delights such as cottage pie and bangers and mash. Plus the traditional roast dinner, a meal consisting of meat, veg, Yorkshire puddings and crispy roast potatoes.

Finally the dessert aisle. Apple pie, toffee sponge cake, custard and Victoria sponge cake, yum.

Oh, and of course the obsession with tea. Tea, tea, tea, tea. That’s what we’re really famous for and one we’re proud of.


While we have many delicious dishes there are quite a few unflattering foods.

Take, for instance, black pudding which is often served as part of the English breakfast. A breakfast that is made up of sausages, bacon, hash browns, beans, toast and black pudding. While the other ingredients sound appealing, the black pudding is actually made up of pork blood and ground up pork and beef bits. It’s an acquired taste that many avoid.

Then, of course, there is offal which appears in many British dishes. Offal is a mixture of animal organs that are added to thicken and add flavour to certain English dishes.

Further meals also include haggis which is derived from the sheep’s intestine. Typically this is a Scottish dish but it’s enjoyed by many all over the UK.

With a mixture of blood, organs and intestines, Britain is certainly guilty of having some disturbing culinary traits. Yet it’s balanced out by many culinary desires that are full of comfort and wholesome flavours.

Katie Hetherington, travel enthusiast on a quest to provide fun and informative articles. I’m always on the lookout for new places to visit, food to indulge in and for more holiday home articles, ideas and information follow Schofields on Twitter and Facebook.

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Simple Hacks To Keep Your Valuables Safe Whilst On Holiday

Most Brits take away, on average, £500 worth of goods. Goods which could be damaged, broken or stolen. With that in mind here are a few tips to help you keep your valuables safe whilst away.

Nowadays it’s the norm for people to go on holiday with expensive gadgets like smartphones, laptops, iPads etc. Either way, these travelling companions don’t come cheap. A recent survey found that the average British holidaymaker takes 3 gadgets away with them, costing £500 on average.

Sadly, it’s not uncommon to hear of people losing, damaging or even having their items stolen. Travellers in ‘holiday mode’ who arrive with an array of gadgets and cash are easy targets. Last year the Daily Mail found that one-third of British tourists have had valuables stolen while on holiday, with 58% of thefts taking place during trips in Europe. Naturally, this is a worrying thought but that doesn’t mean you should avoid travelling to foreign countries.

There are many measures you can take to prevent your valuables being stolen.

Think Like A Burglar, Be The Burglar…


Knowing where a burglar will strike is essential in defeating those attempting to rob your holiday accommodation. Burglars usually have a specific path to retrieve as many high-value items as possible. Most burglaries are not pre-planned but are committed by opportunistic criminals who enter through unlocked doors and windows and will be in and out in a matter of minutes.

People often make the mistake of leaving money or jewellery in the most common areas. When surveyed, a third of ex-burglars believe homeowners keep their valuables hidden in bedroom drawers. So if you think this, under the bed, or in wardrobes is a good place to stash your valuables – you are wrong, it’s the first place a person will look.  The kitchen is another place of interest. In the kitchen thieves usually find car keys, wallets and handbags. It’s leaving items in the obvious places that enable burglars to efficiently ransack a home for anything of value.

With so much determination it’s best to be on your guard and prepare for the opportunist. Being aware of the places burglars will look enables you to avoid hiding your valuables in an obvious place.

Where To Store Your Valuables Safely


Whilst on holiday you want to relax, have fun and chill out and not fret about the safety of your valuables. It’s wise to keep your money, valuables and important documents close to you when you travel. Should you choose to leave them unattended follow these tips.

Firstly, avoid the most obvious of places. Get creative and hide your items in places that neither you or others would consider looking.

Nick-knacks like empty shampoo bottles or tampon boxes are ideal for hiding your money or jewellery in. A tampon box is a perfect hideaway as it’s often considered as a sacred box and therefore usually left alone. Maybe try the kitchen cupboard, somewhere in the bathroom. Hide your passport behind a mirror or in a DVD case.

Slipping your valuables into hidden pockets within your suitcase or in your shoes is an easy way of hiding your valuables. Although it may seem obvious to hide your items in your shoes, if you scatter them around the room, people are less likely to disturb them.

Alternatively, you could see about booking accommodation that comes with a safe where you can lock away all your valuables and travel documents when you head out.

There is also a multitude of unique and ingenious items that can keep your valuables safe whilst on holiday, such as:

  • Tan Safe – a bottle neatly designed to look like sunscreen. However, there isn’t any cream inside, it’s a hollowed-out tub in which you can store your valuables. A sunscreen bottle is something that most people won’t take a second glance at, let alone steal it.
  • Another unique and deceiving method is Book Safe which is literally a safe within a book. The pages have been cut to store a safe that you can use to hide your valuables. Again, something that will blend in, especially if placed under a genuine book.
  • As for keeping your money safe whilst out you could get a money belt that has storage for your cards and cash. It’s a natural accessory that can be worn without anyone suspecting that’s where your money is hidden. This is particularly useful when wandering through busy streets whilst being distracted by your surroundings. It’s in such circumstances when people fall victim to pick-pocketers and thieves.
  • A popular method throughout the years has been rolling up valuables in a towel whilst leaving them unattended at the pool or beach. You can even buy a towel with a hidden pocket. However, if you do this your travel insurance claim is likely to be turned down should your items go missing whilst unattended. (See the travel insurance section below).

Although many people go away without any issues, it’s better to be safe and take these simple precautions rather than risk anything happening to your valuables.

Guarding Your Passport


The most important item that you will ever travel with is your passport. It is the only document that will get you from A to B. If a passport is lost or stolen then a person would have to apply for an Emergency Travel Document which costs over £100, so keep it safe.

If you prefer to have your passport on you at all times then it may be wise to get a money belt. This is a discreet belt that sits securely under your clothing and is barely visible. Alternatively, you could get travel underwear. The underwear is specifically designed with pockets that comfortably rest against your skin and once again barely visible.

Both options are easy to wear and can’t be touched without immediately altering you, which is the perfect deterrent for thieves.

Your passport is an essential document that requires the utmost protection. It may be worthwhile taking a digital copy of your passport and travel documents just as a precaution.

Travel Insurance: What You Need To Know 


Investing in travel insurance can be a lifesaver especially if your possessions are stolen or lost whilst away. However, there are limitations in what you can and can’t claim for on your insurance. This is why you would be well advised to check each policy’s small print.

Get In The Know:

  • Most travel insurance policies will not cover the theft of belongings or money that are left unattended. For example, belongings that are stolen whilst left under a towel on a pool lounger or on the beach while you go for a swim. Likewise, if you leave your luggage unattended in your hire car whilst you stop for lunch. If valuables that are left unattended aren’t aren’t locked in a safe, safety deposit box or in your locked (doors and all windows) accommodation, an insurer may not pay out.  A theft claim might also be refused without a police report.
  • Note, travel insurance may compensate you for the costs incurred in replacing a lost or stolen passport, but they may not pay for the cost of the replacement passport itself. Something to check.
  • Most insurers impose a maximum limit on the amount you can claim for a single item regardless of its value. For example, if your £500 camera was stolen, but your insurer’s single item limit is £200 your insurer will only pay out £200 if you make a claim. Bearing in mind that you may also have to pay an excess charge of making a claim. Check each policy’s ‘single item limit’ when reviewing the policy.
  • You may be required to provide proof of ownership or receipts before your insurer will pay out for lost or stolen possessions.

Insurance Side Note:

Does your home insurance cover your valuables? Check your home insurance policy as some policies cover personal possessions outside the home. Also, you may have travel insurance included with your bank account or credit card. It’s worth checking what is covered.

To Summarise

The loss or theft of valuables is a stressful occurrence while travelling. Avoid the hassle of losing something vital by following these tips for keeping your belongings safe. Travel insurance is also an invaluable add-on that can provide peace of mind protection when travelling.

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International Museum Day: The Museum Bucket List

Today is a day that not only celebrates history but one that celebrates culture, talent and scientific advances. Today a day that documents everything that we as the human being have striven for throughout our entire existence.

Welcome to International Museum Day! Today is a day that not only celebrates history but one that celebrates culture, talent and scientific advances. Today a day that documents everything that we as the human being have striven for throughout our entire existence.

All over the globe exists a dedication or memorial that reflects the beauty and history of a country, town and region. Museums themselves are a dedication to the very foundations that resurrected a countries culture and its history.

Over the years hundreds of thousands of people have worked tirelessly to create wonderful, unique and fascinating museums. They are something quite often regarded as national treasures that attract millions of people per year.

Below are just a select few museums that are bucket list worthy and desirable attractions.

The Louvre: Paris, France


Sitting in the centre of Paris, in France is the famous Louvre art gallery. An art gallery that isn’t just an architectural monument but also a revolutionary art procurer. One of it’s most famous art pieces is the Mona Lisa who rose to fame due to her illustrious smile. A smile that the painter, Leonardo Da Vinci, spent over four years painting and perfecting her grin.

Although the Mona Lisa is a notable attraction, it’s not the only treasure that sits within those hallowed walls. Paintings of renowned artist reside throughout which entice art buffs and interested folk from all over the world. Notable artist Alexandros of Antioch and Michelangelo who has delicately carved sculptures.

Whilst the museum attracts many for its art by distinguished artists, it also receives a lot of guests due to the various exhibitions throughout the year. The Louvre showcases a variety of modern and ancient art pieces that represent different ideologies and significant historical moments.

Naturally, it’s what’s inside that counts but the beautiful architecture of The Louvre cannot be ignored. The glass shaped pyramid is a city and in some respects, a country landmark and it’s also a definite must have on the museum bucket list.

Natural History Museum: London, UK


The Natural History Museum in London is a popular attraction for both British people and tourists alike. It’s a museum that has a large and amazing collection of creatures dating back to prehistoric carnivores to modern day giants.

The museum itself is a massive building that was originally meant to be another cathedral for London. Whilst jaw-droppingly magnificent, the museum stretches out for miles. Its spacious design allows for a wealthy collect of creatures.

Throughout the museum, there are rooms dedicated to key periods in time, from the dinosaurs to living creatures today. There’s even a giant sloth that stands over ten feet tall and then, of course, there is Dippy, the Diplodocus. Dippy being one of London’s famous dinosaurs that many children and adults marvel at.

The Natural History Museum is filled with all sorts of natural wonders. From bugs to dinosaurs to lions, tigers and bears, the museum has it all. And it truly is a treasure to London and its visitors.

The Vatican Museum: Rome, Italy


Rome in Italy is a beautiful place that has many historical landmarks and places of historical interest. One of its main features is the Vatican. Not only is the home to the Pope it’s also a religious relic which holds much of the Catholic history.

Ancient tapestries, paintings and stained glass windows all reside inside with each one being a dedication to Jesus Christ. It’s a building full of wonderous works of art from famous artists that also feature in the Louvre.

While the artefacts are a what people go to see the sheer structure of the Vatican museum shouldn’t go unnoticed. It is an architectural beauty. The huge domes, arches and marble flooring radiant light throughout the building.

Unsurprisingly the Vatican is on of the most visited museums in all of Rome. The detail, the history and for many the religious connotations has made the Vatican a widely known and must-see monument.

Museo Nacional Del Prado: Madrid, Spain


One of the oldest museums in Spain is The Museo Nacional Del Prado which first opened in 1819. The Queen at that time became heavily involved in a bid to protect some of Spain’s national treasures. Many of Spain’s residents believe that some of Europe’s finest art pieces sit within.

At almost two hundred years olds both Royals and government officials spent years cultivating its collection which now has over 2,000 pieces of art. Within its walls sits paintings and sculptures from the likes of Pedro Fernández Durán and Van der Weyden’s.

Spain’s extraordinary collection has become a beacon of their history. Many of the paintings within reflect notable periods of time for the country, it’s leaders and it advances in the world.

The Dungeons: London, York, Blackpool (UK), Amsterdam & Berlin


The Dungeons is a somewhat unorthodox museum and unique museum that chooses to focus on the gruesome. It’s a place that literally brings history to life. Inside its walls is a labyrinth of pathways that lead to various gruesome and historical eras. Guests are guided to the doctors, to court and even torture chambers that reflect the cruel Victorian and Middle ages.

In each room resides an actor that is decorated in mud, scum and outfits that re-create the historical time periods. Their ability to act is next to none as they evoke fear, they bring history to life by recreating the eerie truths of the past. Many of which reflect horrifying atrocities and crimes that occurred.

Not only is the museum highly fun, it conveys a huge amount of facts in a memorable and exciting way. The various museums around the world reflect historical events.

This may sound like a museum you want to avoid but you will be missing an experience like no other. The excitable actors, the creepy sounds and the gruesome history makes the Dungeons a revolutionary kind of museum.

Visit if you dare!

International Museum Day Drawing To a Close

For every second that passes history is made. Every decision, every war won, every crime committed, every animal that roamed has helped the human race evolve and become what it is today. Without knowing our history we wouldn’t be able to create a future.

Museums give us the world full of history. They tell a story of each town, city and country. Travelling, residing and incorporating a country’s culture enables you to see the world and see how they got there.

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How New Orleans Put the Jazz into Funerals

Jazz is an integral part of the New Orleans culture, even after life.

From the 28th April to the 7th May New Orleans will be hosting their annual Jazz Festival which will see top musicians come together to celebrate the dynamic Louisiana music. It’s a tradition that has long since been going for over 35 years. Jazz has been a huge part of New Orleans culture after being integrated into society by African slaves. Whilst the music is a happy and cherished pastime, Jazz in Louisiana has also been integrated into funeral progressions.

The upbeat tones were used to guide souls to heaven and celebrate their ‘final release from the bounds of Earthly life.’ This, in part related to the harsh and cruel lifestyle of slaves. Even until today Jazz Funerals have continued on and New Orleans has become known for their musical input into life and death.

Jazzing up a funeral

As mentioned the Jazz Funeral was incorporated as a way to celebrate a life once led and the escape of slavery. Thankfully times have a changed and slavery has primarily been wiped out, meaning jazz funerals are all about celebrating life through music, singing and dancing.

The style of funeral begins at the deceased home with musicians playing sombre tones. Together both musicians and loved ones follow the hearse to the church or final place of rest, all the while playing sorrowful music. Once the service is over and the deceased is laid to rest the celebrations begin. The music goes from sombre to jubilant as they make their way to the reception. Both family and friends lead a parade with onlookers welcome to join in as they celebrate a life well lived.

The dynamic and buoyant sounds of the saxophone, trumpets, tambourines and singing fill the streets and the jubilant tunes echo through the night as they salute a life happily lived life.

Such affairs have been highly popular since the 20th century and continue to be in high demand. The process of jubilantly celebrating their loved one’s life and their journey to a new world have become a symbolic funeral tradition. It is a tradition that has been firmly woven into the Louisiana culture and one that has lasted over a century.

Highest of honours

Jazz Funerals have been a part of Louisiana lives for years but one of the most memorable ceremonies was held back in 2006 following the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Hurricane Katrina is one of the most destructive and costliest hurricanes that has ever hit America with New Orleans being one of the most affected areas. Louisiana, in particular, sustained a vicious attack that killed over 1,700 people, the majority of which were senior citizens. The severity of the disaster wasn’t one that was expected to result in a catastrophic aftermath.

To commemorate the first anniversary Louisiana Mayor, Ray Nagain and Lt Gen. Russel Honorè organised a Jazz Funeral in honour of the 1,700 citizens that died. Together they led the Parade through the streets with the Louisiana community following and playing tribute to friends and family members that died.

Jazz music is a huge part of life that is used to bring happiness even at the worst times. These traditions have led to New Orleans being dubbed as the birthplace of Jazz.

Bringing New Orleans to The UK

Due to the paramount growth in popularity, the New Orleans Jazz Funeral tradition has seemingly travelled over the pond.

London based band ‘The Mississippi Swamp Dogs Jazz Band’ are bringing the lively and exuberant New Orleans Jazz culture to Britain. They hold similar principles to New Orleans of mourning and celebration. They give a sombre sendoff right up until the end of the ceremony and after that, the celebration begins. Once again cherishing a life well lived.

Given it’s a British take on a New Orleans tradition the band plays jazzed up songs such as When The Saints Go Marching In, Didn’t He Ramble and After You’ve Gone.

First beginning as a hobby The Mississippi Swamp Dogs Jazz Band turned their passion into a highly regarded service according to their customers. The celebration of life is now outweighing mourning in British society with jubilant celebrations becoming more popular. The Mississippi Swamp Dogs Jazz Band are paving their way through the funeral industry as sombre traditions become more and more extinct.

As the traditions go marching on

With the multitude of faiths, cultures, and values evolving in British society the traditional funeral etiquette is changing with the sombre affair being ditched. The idea of celebrating life even in death has started to become the mindset. Over 60% of Brits would opt for a celebration of life in place of a traditional funeral.

Decade-year-old traditions are becoming more and more extinct with Brits favouring personalised, unique and cheery funerals. Much of which is deriving from other faiths and cultures who have their own funeral traditions and ideologies which have influenced British opinions.

A report by Damsons Future Planning found that one in five people would decide against a black hearse and only 7% of people would want their loved ones to dress in black. Whilst over 9% of Brits would encourage loved ones to host an after party.

The idea of celebration instead of mourning seems to be the consensus which in part is down to the climb in social status and lifestyles. Life is more comfortable and past luxuries such as TVs, cars, housing etc. have become readily available for the working class. Such factors have led to happier and well-lived lives that are worth celebrating.

Despite cremation being the most popular funeral option with 74% of Brits preferring to be cremated, other types of funerals are rising in popularity. The report by Damsons found that woodland burials have increased by 9% while sea and home burials have increased by 3%. As more alternatives come to light the sombre funeral declines in popularity.

Planning your celebratory goodbye

With celebrations high and a rising preference conveying your wishes to your loved ones is essential especially if you want to incorporate the New Orleans way of life.

To ensure such a feat, the creation of a will is key to stipulating your wishes. To further ensure that a Jazz Band will be incorporated into your funeral you could invest in a funeral plan. With an affordable payment plan that fits within your budget and is paid within a set number of years, you can guarantee a funeral that reflects your life.

With the ability to design your own funeral and also pay for your funeral in advance. Given the rising costs of funerals, it may also be a wise investment for the future. In the last decade, funeral prices have risen by 80% according to research by Bath University. Whilst cost is a huge factor to consider the arrangements of your final affair are equally on par.

Given that it’s the final event that you will attend, a Funeral Plan enables you to design a farewell that truly celebrates your life in an interesting and lively manner. Within minutes you can plan a funeral that leaves a lasting legacy and imprint on your loved ones.

With a Funeral Plan, you can decide how much Jazz and finesse as you desire.

How jazz influenced celebratory funerals

In the midst of sadness, New Orleans, the ‘birthplace’ of Jazz brought about the celebration of life rather than the mourning of the deceased.

Through music, the Louisiana folk have managed to create a funeral that is both memorable and a joyous occasion that loved ones can cherish. It enables them to find solace in a time of heartache.

The Jazz Funeral has become a reputable service that many hold for their loved ones and has even travelled to the UK. Starting with a slow and respectful to a buoyant parade a person can have the farewell they deserve.

While the New Orleans Jazz Festival taking place from Friday 28th April to Sunday 7th April isn’t funeral focused, it does celebrate Jazz. A form of music that is integrated into many people’s lives and their deaths alike.

Myth Busting: 9 Funeral Plan Myths That Could Save You Heaps Of Cash!

Funeral plans are encased in negativity but how many of your concerns are actually true? These 9 myths could be preventing you from saving heaps of money.

Funeral plans haven’t always been acquainted with the most positive of opinions, a common mistake which has been fuelled by not so accurate comments typically known as myths. This negative stigma has left many unwilling to invest in funeral plans and in their future.

What is often overlooked are the facts. Funeral prices are soaring, the death discussion is often neglected and your wishes aren’t always clear. A funeral plan gives you the chance to plan a funeral that reflects your wishes.

Funeral Plans Are Expensive

Funeral plans are widely regarded as expensive outlays that give very little in return, this, however, is a huge misconception. Research undertaken by Bath University found that in the last decade funeral prices have soared by a whopping 80%.

Currently, the average cost of a funeral is £3,700, a figure that doesn’t incur flowers, obituaries, car hire and extra tributes. A figure that is also expected to rise to a staggering £7,500 by 2020, according to Bath University.

A funeral plan, on the other hand, can cover all these aspects and cost as little as 93p per day. It’s a plan that works within your budget and takes care of important future plans. The majority of plans also work on a fixed rate basis, meaning your monthly payments won’t increase even if funeral costs rise.

Given the insane rise in prices, investing into a funeral plan ensures you and your loved ones covered for the future. It minimises your costs and enables you to design a funeral that best depicts your personality.

You Pay In More Than What You Get Out

It’s a common myth that funeral plans ultimately end up costing you more than an actual funeral. The truth is companies once sold fixed term contracts that tied a person into a monthly payment plan until the day they died. In which case a person would pay considerably more than their funeral costs.

Fixed term contracts raised many concerns that have left people wary of signing up to funeral plans in fear they will be ripped-off. It’s essential to understand what your plan covers, the price each month and how long you will be paying that fee for.

Plans are designed to be paid over a set amount of years with a consistent monthly fee that works within your budget. Once paid the plan is stored away and your funeral is fully paid for and in place for when the time comes. And if you wish to make any amendments you can revisit your plan and make adjustments for a small fee.

Attention: You Aren’t Tied In For Life!

People often avoid funeral plans as they assume they will be tied in for life. You’ll be happy to know that’s not true, there is a get out of funeral plan get out of jail card. You can easily cancel a funeral plan and get the majority of your money refunded. Cancelling a funeral plan means you are charged a small fee that is a fair percentage of what you paid in. While this seems preposterous, cancellation fees aren’t unheard of, if you cancel a holiday, flights or a restaurant booking then you get charged.

Of course, if this is in the first few weeks companies offer a cooling off period in which a person has a set amount of time to cancel a plan without any costs. Ultimately this means you’re not tied into a plan, you can leave if you so desire.

This Isn’t What I Wanted…

One of the biggest misconceptions is the ‘hidden’ costs that come with funeral plans. However extra costs usually arise from added services that weren’t included with the plan your loved one chose.

When signing up to a plan it’s essential that you and you loved ones understand what services will be covered. Naturally basic plans cover the essential items but cost considerably less each month. Typically floral tributes, limousine hire, room hire, obituary notice and doctors fees aren’t included. Whereas a premium package will cover considerably more services for a higher fee.

Extra services can be added but these need to be paid for, which built up the stigma that funeral plans have hidden costs. In reality, funeral plans haven’t been fully disclosed with loved ones. To avoid unexpected costs that could leave loved ones shocked and confused each party should be fully aware of what the plan actually covers. With that information, people can factor in any added costs and services they need for the funeral.

“I’m Financially Secure”

The chances are you have savings, a steady job and you are financially secure but there is no sure way to know you will be in the future. Sadly life isn’t always predictable. It’s surprising how life’s curve-balls can impact on your finances and your future.

A funeral plan is very much an investment. It ensures that you’re covered and that your family won’t be left inundated with funeral costs. Given that funeral costs are soaring a funeral plan seems a smart investment for the future. A fixed rate plan keeps costs low and as you’re not tied into a plan you have the option to cancel it if you desire. This gives you options and ones that could be fruitful in the future.

Funeral Flops

Like anything in life, there has been a negative response to funeral plans. Much of which comes from choosing the ‘wrong’ provider. Researching the company and analysing customers views is essential when it comes to investing into a funeral plan.

Naturally larger companies are more reputable given their success within the market. While true, their large customer base means one-to-one customer service is limited. It’s worth researching into smaller companies with lesser clients. They are more likely to build relationships and have less chance of overlooking your specific requests.

Funerals Never Represent The Person

Buying into a funeral plan may seem like you are investing in a strict and structured funeral and one that doesn’t reflect your vibrant personality. This, however, isn’t the case, the funeral plan gives you the option to add any personal touches you desire.

The entire plan is worked around you, your requests and your preferences. Whether you want an environmental, non-religious or futuristic funeral, the plan can incorporate that. The choice is all yours, it’s your funeral and it’s your plan.

“I Don’t Need A Funeral Plan”

There are a lot of people who simply don’t believe in investing in a funeral plan. Mainly because they don’t believe they need one.

A funeral plan isn’t a death document it’s a life investment that protects your loved ones and adheres to your wishes. It simply means you are prepared for the very distant future. As funeral costs rise it’s wise to invest into a funeral plan. A small monthly payment for a set number of years sets you up for life.

“My Family Knows What I Want”

The death talk is one that is often neglected. Sitting down and discussing your wishes makes everything much easier when the time comes.

The Damsons Annual Report found that 7% of Brits don’t want a hearse or loved ones to wear black. Whilst one-quarter of Brits would like their loved ones to go out drinking and dancing. Having a document that clearly outlines your wishes makes everything clearly to your loved ones. It provides comfort to your loved ones during a difficult time.

The Myth Busted

Over the years prepaid funeral plans have been given a bad rep, primarily due to false information. Quite often the plans haven’t been fully explained or researched. While they are genuine factors that do need to be considered it’s also important that you invest in your future. Not only does it save you money it gives your loved ones the time to grieve without stressing out over funeral planning.

Funeral plans can ease your worries, reduce your costs and protect your family.

12 Outrageous Will Requests

As we grow older we are constantly reminded to make a Will so our last requests can be adhered to and our final wishes laid to rest. Here are some of the most ridiculous Will requests ever made.

People often forget the importance of creating a Will, in making their final wishes known to their families and friends. Whether this means leaving meaningful trinkets to loved ones or making special requests that honour your memory. No matter how unique of a demand, a Will ensures that at the very least your family is aware of your preferences.

Teaming up with Damsons Future Planning we unearthed 12 peculiar requests that have been made and the strange items that have been bequeathed to loved ones.

1. Life After Death

Famous Escape Artist Harry Houdini
Famous Escape Artist Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini

Famous illusionist and escape artist Harry Houdini left an unusual request for his wife Bess after becoming very interested in the paranormal world. Upon his death in 1926 Harry requested that Bess conducts a séance every year on the anniversary of his death. He even left her a secret ten digit code so she would know she was in contact with the right spirit.

Bess never let on if she ever made contact, let’s hope it wasn’t due to her losing the code…

2. A Bitter Goodbye

German Poet Heinrich Heine
German Poet Heinrich Heine

Heinrich Heine

German poet, Heinrich Heine left all of his money to his wife with one condition that she remarry. A touching request? Nope, he demanded that: “At least one man will regret my death.”

Apparently, Heinrich married his mistress who was an uneducated shop girl and they had a very volatile marriage. So much so that he resented her right up until his untimely death.

3. A Deathly Birthday

Robert Louis Stevenson With The Last King Of Hawaii, David Kalakaua
Robert Louis Stevenson Pictured With The Last King Of Hawaii, David Kalakaua

Robert Louis Stevenson

The Treasure Island author, Robert Stevenson left a peculiar ‘gift’ to his close friend Annie H. Ide upon his death in 1894.

Annie once complained of the annoyance of having her birthday on Christmas day with that in mind Robert left her his birthday. The 13th November was given to her so she could celebrate both Christmas and her birthday on separate days.

A strange yet touching request which gave Annie the birthday she’d always wanted. Then again Robert was a creative and peculiar man which was reflected in the timeless classics that he wrote.

4. Ashes in Writing

Mark Gruenwald Was A Famous Marvel Comic Book Creator
Mark Gruenwald Dedicated His Life To Creating Beloved Comic Book Characters

Mark Gruenwald

Marvel comic book writer and creator of Iron Man Mark Gruenwald requested his ashes be used in a gross manner. He had them mixed in with ink which was then used to produce the first copy of Squadron Supreme.

This gruesome request was adhered to, one of the books sold on eBay for little over $600 in 2011. It’s not a huge sum but how many people really want a book containing part of a dead man?

5. You’ll Be Waiting A Long Time…

The Trickster Box That Left Many Disappointed
Francis Douce Ensured He Had The Final Laugh After His Employer Annoyed Him

Francis Douce

Francis Douce spent his life collecting books, manuscripts, coins and artefacts. Upon his death, he left the majority of his possessions to the Bodleian Library in Oxford except for a single box which he donated to the British Museum. The British Museum was under strict instructions not to open the box until the 1900s which sparked much excitement and curiosity.

When the year came around many gathered in anticipation to see the box opened, only to be deeply disappointed after finding old newspaper clippings.

In his youth, Francis had worked in the museum and hated it so much that he left them a pointless and disappointing gift similar to his feelings when he worked there.

What a cruel and slightly humorous joke to play on those who had waited years to see the magnificent contents that turned out to be scraps of paper.

6. One Radiant Gift

Marie Curie Pictured With Her Husband Pierre Curie
Marie Curie Pictured With Her Husband Pierre Curie

Marie Curie

Famous research scientist, Marie Curie left a selfless gift to the University of Paris when she donated the only valuable possession she had. During her life, the Women of America presented her with a gramme of pure radium which Marie felt could be an asset to the University of Paris.

Her only request was that her daughter had full access to the radium in case she needed it. Given that Irene was also a scientist the radium was probably useful at some point.

7. A Request Like No Other

Sanborn Had His Skin Used For Drums Which He Left For His Friend...
Sandborn Had His Skin Used To Create A Set Of Drums Which He Left To His Friend…

Solomon Sanborn

American hat maker, Solomon Sanborn had a rather gruesome request for his remains. Firstly his body was to be donated to science but once they were ‘finished’ with it, he had specific requests on how to dispose of him.

Firstly his everything other that his skin was to be used as a fertiliser of Elm trees in America. His skin was to be used to create a set of drums which were later bequeathed to a close friend.

Sadly that’s not the end of the request, he wanted his friend to play Yankee Doodle each year at the Bunker Hill in commemoration of the Revolutionary War.

That must have been some good friend…

8. Love Makes Us Do Funny Things

Jack Benny With His Wife Mary & Daughter Joan
Jack Benny With His Wife Mary & Daughter Joan

Jack Benny

Unlike most of these requests, American comedian Jack Benny made a lasting and sweet arrangement before he died for his loving wife, Mary Benny. He arranged for a single red rose to be delivered to her each day until her death.

For the next ten years, Mary received over 3,000 roses before her death. That is a lot of roses, her home would never have been short of flowers that are for sure.

9. It’s A Cat World

Famous Singer Dusty Springfield
Pop Singer Dusty Springfield

Dusty Springfield

Pop singer, Dusty Springfield was not only dedicated to her music but to her love of animals, in particular, her cat Nicolas.

When she died Dusty made sure that Nicolas was well taken care of and was to be fed only the best baby food and to be serenaded by her own music each night. Further, Nicholas was to be re-homed with a guardian with another cat so they could be married.

It was a peculiar request but one that expressed her deepest love, Nicolas was a very privileged cat who lived the rest of his days in an outlandish style.

10. No Bed Bugs Here

Famous Playwright William Shakespeare
Famous Playwright William Shakespeare


William Shakespeare

One of the most famous and renowned playwrights of all time, William Shakespeare would certainly make the list for leaving something strange in his Will.

To his beloved wife Anne Hathaway, Shakespeare left his second best bed. Strangely enough, leaving the bed isn’t as peculiar as what would seem. Back then it was a relatively normal item to leave behind. A high quality and bed bug-free bed were somewhat of a luxury and hard to come by, in fact bequeathing a bed to someone is regarded as a highly thoughtful gift.

The peculiar aspect is that Shakespeare only left the love of his life the second best bed. Why didn’t he leave her the best bed, the one they shared?

Alas, it was too late for his wife, Anne Hathaway to ask her husband. Although I’m sure it would have been an awkward conversation…

11. A Hair Raising Request

French Political Leader Napoleon Bonaparte
Political French Leader Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte who was a French political leader during the French Revolution made a hair-raising request upon his death in 1821.

Before he was laid to rest, Napoleon demanded his head was shaved and his hair was given to different members of his family. Although strange back then hair of the deceased was often woven into jewellery. This was a lasting token of their loved one.

What would you do if you were given a lock of hair by a deceased family member?

12. No Women Allowed…


No Women Allowed...
TM Zink Made A Final Request To Keep Women Out Of The Library

TM Zink

TM Zink clearly still had some issues with women following his death in 1930. He made very specific requirements with his money in which the majority of it was placed in a trust fund. What little was left went to his daughter and his wife received nothing.

The money in the trust fund was to be used in later years to build a womanless library. Not only could women not enter but no women authors were permitted to have their books in the library.

Whatever his wife did it must have been bad…


Despite the outrageous, somewhat insulting and downright disgusting requests each person had one thing in common. They each had a Will. A document that outlined their requests and demands once they were gone.

Of course, some requests can be overturned if they are too ridiculous such as TM Zink whose daughter contested the Will and walked away victorious. Nevertheless, a Will enables you to at least state your requests.

Lawyers do often discourage those who want to have the last laugh, however, the choice is yours and one that should be adhered to. Creating a Will gives you perspective and allows you to give your final farewell to your loved ones, no matter how ridiculous they are.

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