Does Saul Rogers Have The Mental Capacity Of An Ox? Find Out On Fight Live TV’s Behind The Fighter

Former UFC contestant, MMA legend and dedicated fighter, Saul ‘The Hangman’ Rogers makes his debut on Fight Life TVs Behind The Fighter segment.

Former UFC contestant, MMA legend and dedicated fighter, Saul ‘The Hangman’ Rogers make his debut on Fight Life TVs Behind The Fighter segment.
“I’ve set myself goals for this year, firstly I want to get back on top and start winning more fights and towards the middle to the end of this year I want to be back on UFC. I feel that’s where I deserve to be.”
This year Saul is solely focused on redeeming his former UFC status after it was cut short in 2015 following visa issues that resulted in him being kicked out of America.
Following a troubled past, Saul was convicted of minor offences, so insignificant that he didn’t think to put on his visa application. An omission that sadly led to his promising UFC debut end. Despite this Saul didn’t back down or give up, instead, he used the setback as a motivator to come back better.
At the beginning of his UFC debut, Saul had made promising advances despite a difficult start after having no contact with his friends and family in a somewhat brutal mental test.
Enduring a week of no human contact, he was then propelled into the cage, facing an unknown opponent with very little preparation. This was a nerve-racking challenge that would determine whether he would go home or go forward.
With sheer determination Saul threw punch after punch, eventually taking the win and while happy with the outcome, he was not happy with his performance. His fighting hadn’t been as skilled, refined or as agile like his usual pro record. To Saul showcasing his fighting skill and technique is on par with taking the win. He felt he hadn’t shown his talent or ability.
However the win gave him the chance redeem himself, he was in the UFC house and was allowed contact with his family and the other fighters. This was a significant change that lifted Saul’s almost depressed funk and from there in, victory was a mindset, not a dream.
He defeated every opponent and was due to fight in the final when his youthful crimes caught up with him. His visa was revoked and his contract with the UFC sadly ended.
Despite this devastating blow, this wasn’t something that hindered his mood or attitude.
“It was my fault, I was naïve. But what can you do? There’s no point crying over spilled milk. I just held my hands up, said I was sorry, picked myself up and dusted myself off. Now I could have got bitter about it but I knew it wasn’t the end of me.”
Upon his return to England he took what he learned from his UFC experience, he excelled his training and began to up his fighting persona as ‘The Hangman.’ A nickname he was given due to his fighting tactic of the rear naked choke hold. Currently, Saul has an impressive fight record of 12-1-0 with eight of those wins due to choke holds.
Before all of his success, Saul was a raw fighter who only became interested in MMA after making the conscious decision to find an interest in something that would keep him out of serious trouble. It was a decision that enabled him to become a successful coach and fighter with links to SBG Manchester and the UFC.
According to Saul, SBG Manchester has played a huge part in his fighting success. Originally he began his training at Colosseum Gym who trained him to a decent level. However, as he became aware that he wanted to make a career out of fighting he made the move to SBG Manchester.
This was a worthy decision that gave him a more stable training programme that refined his skills and challenged his fighting ability.
After relentlessly training Saul soon rose to pro level under SBG Manchester and began racking up the wins, creating an undisputed reputation for being a deadly fighter.
Throughout his career, Saul has maintained a good relationship with SBG who continue to support him both as a fighter and coach. His gym, the Mixed Martial Arts Academy in Bolton is SBG affiliated which means he has top coaches all highly trained in different martial art disciplines.
While he is focused on growing as a fighter he is still a dedicated coach with a passion for helping those who want to participate. Whether that’s a beginner or someone training for a professional career, Saul has the equipment, coaches and stamina to get them there.
And similar to his own coach, Saul ensures that all his students get the attention they need to develop their fighting skills.
Although he is extremely focused on MMA, training and coaching, Saul also has a loving family that support him unconditionally. His girlfriend Monica recently gave birth to their son, Zander and they each have daughters that keep their home lively. Despite this Monica ensures Saul gets enough sleep, he eats well and has the time to train especially when it comes to upcoming fights.
Even though it hasn’t been easy Monica has been a resilient supporter and pushed him to become the fighter he is today. Combined with his positive attitude, his positive outlook on life and a supportive family Saul feels he is the luckiest man alive.
“I don’t know how she does it. She’s amazing. I don’t care how much money I have I feel like I’m the richest man alive. I’ve got a house full of kids, it’s a madhouse but I wouldn’t change it for the world.”
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Behind The Fighter With Lawrence Fitzpatrick, A Man Who Has Been To Hell And Back

Fight Life TV are proud to present another segment in the ‘Behind The Fighter’ series featuring tough nut Lawrence Fitzpatrick. One fighter who has been to hell and back again.

Fight Life TV is proud to present another segment in the ‘Behind The Fighter’ series featuring tough nut Lawrence Fitzpatrick. One fighter who has been to hell and back again.

After losing his father, sustaining multiple injuries and suffering from reoccurring heart palpitations, he hasn’t had an easy fighting career.

It’s only in the last few years that Lawrence has returned to the cage after multiple setbacks that each had the potential to end his vocation.

After reaching pro fighting status, he was building a strong portfolio, however, this was halted in 2012 when Lawrence hit his first obstacle. Sadly Lawrence’s father was diagnosed with lung cancer. His father had always been a part of his son’s career, he trained with him, he encouraged him and he sparked his son’s interest in combat sports. As a huge inspiration and supporter, Lawrence was deeply affected by his diagnosis. As time passed his father’s health rapidly deteriorated and in 2013 he passed away.


Grief is a funny thing that each person deals with differently for Lawrence he tried to escape it through relentless training. Naturally, his constant workouts wore his body out to the point that he struggled to complete a two-mile jog.

The fatigue had settled in and his fighting game wasn’t as strong, he began to make mistakes ones that left him injured and unable to fight. However, he was too eager to return to the cage meaning his body wasn’t fully healing. Once again leaving him vulnerable to injuries.

Learning from his mistakes he allowed his body to heal and began to prepare for his next fight when he hit another barrier. Lawrence began suffering from heart palpitations. While the palpitations plagued his mind he put off seeking medical attention until he very nearly crashed his car on the motorway. He could no longer ignore his heart.

Following multiple consultations, the doctors found his heart was out of rhythm it couldn’t be determined whether it was benign or not. To establish this Lawrence had to endure further tests ones that would last over a year and a half. Tests which would determine whether he would ever fight again.

“It’s was like my worst nightmare, I’d probably put my whole life into it and for it to end that way it would have broken my heart.”

One and a half antagonising years later the good news came. Lawrence was diagnosed with benign athlete’s heart syndrome. Whilst sounding serious it’s something that is a treatable and manageable condition for fighters.

He was ready to return to the cage however it was not meant to be. Despite his hiatus from the cage, his renowned reputation was scaring other fighters away. Although he only has a 4-0 fight record experienced fighters he was a risky fight. Whilst those who do agree to a fight pulled out at the last minute.

It was an impressive accolade to him but it also meant he couldn’t secure fights or showcase his talent. For every fight Lawrence has to ensure there are a few fighters in place, previous experience has taught him not to rely on one fighter.


His natural flare for fighting has meant he enters the cage confident and leaves victorious, even as a child when he first began combat sports he racked up notable wins including the National and European Championship titles.

Although he proved to be a promising young athlete he decided to take a break and chose to focus on fitness. In his mind, he had burnt out at a young age however it would seem he was also destined for a combat sports career and returned to the fight in his late teens.

After watching MMA live at Liverpool Olympia he was memorised by the skill and fighting technique. He had been swept up by the atmosphere and he wanted to get involved with the action.

As he got more absorbed by the sport he began to search for a gym that taught MMA, he wanted to learn, he wanted to practice. Luckily a martial arts gym opened up close to his home. However it wasn’t as simple, his fighting skill from his youth wasn’t applicable. He was forced to learn everything from scratch. Something which Lawrence pins his success on.

With persistence, physical endurance and unrelenting passion he was able to rack up an impressive amateur record and by 2010 Lawrence got his first pro fight. One which he won in the first round with his now famous trait, his relentless punches.

Over the course of the next year he upped his game, he moved gyms to one that was training UFC fighters and he fought in another two pro fights. In one year he’d racked up 3-0-0 fight record with a deadly reputation however that’s when his luck turned.

In spite of what Lawrence went through, the mental and physical strength he needed during that time has made him a better fighter.

“I just never gave up. I knew I could get there I knew I could come back. My main goal is to fulfil my potential, if I could do that I’d be happy.”

Bennett-vs.-FitzpatrickThe relatively new year is looking to be a promising for Lawrence. His first fight of the year against Felony Charles Bennett, formally known as Crazy Horse was a tense and exciting fight.

Charles debut in the UK had the MMA community in a frenzy. The Felony has built up a dangerous and unpredictable reputation, stemmed from his mighty record of 30-30-2. Compared to Lawrence’s 4-0-0 fight record he was up against a strong opponent. This was Lawrence’s biggest and most challenging fight to date and one that could be a massive game changer for him.

Not only will the fight show his capabilities and skill, his reputation would rocket and alongside that so would his career. Of course, Lawrence really would struggle to get fights in the UK…

“He’s an absolute legend but he’s a dangerous fighter, like out of his 30 wins 18 have been by knockout. Then again I know I’m a dangerous fighter as well so I know I can win.”

* At the time this was filmed Lawrence was about to face The Felony at TFC3. P.S He won! *

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Cheesecake Fanatic, MMA Star and Dedicated Coach – That’s Right Danny ‘The Cheesecake Assassin’ Mitchell Is On Fight Life TV!

Danny ‘The Cheesecake Assassin’ Mitchell joins Fight Life TV for another epic segment in the Behind The Fighter series.

“I don’t think I could have a real job, 9 while 5. Nah this is what I was born to do. I was born to fight.”
Fight Life TV has another electrifying segment in the Behind The Fighter series as Danny ‘The Cheesecake Assassin’ Mitchell gives us an insight into his MMA career. In the documentary, Danny opens up about the loss of his father at the pinnacle moment of his career, his enthusiasm for fighting and his dedication to coaching others.
Since his teenage years, Danny has been interested in MMA. He was constantly going to the gym and sparring with his friends at school. He loved it so much that he decided to turn his passion into a career.
Although he didn’t have a permanent coach he used his determination to train himself. An invaluable decision as Danny would later take his knowledge to train others, drawing on his experience inside the cage.
While he enjoys coaching he does admit that it has affected his fighting career. Splitting his time between training and coaching absorbed his time, time he could have used to train himself. Although he knows this Danny still continues to train and push his fighters but he also focuses more on himself, especially when he has an upcoming fight.
“Yeah it’s all about being selfish and giving me the time to train, like go to fight camp and train properly. I want to do myself justice and give it a 100%.”
Even though this means he has to leave for weeks at a time, Danny has a lot of support from his family, his missuses and his two-year-old son who already goes to the gym with his dad. Without their support, he wouldn’t be the fighter that he is today.
Even as a child Danny had unrelenting support from his family, especially his dad who took him to all of his training sessions. His Dad’s support encouraged and motivated him to be a great fighter so much so that by the age of 21 he had reached pro status.
His determination didn’t stop there, after just three fights at pro level Danny won the Nationwide Championship and by 2010 he was an undefeated champion having racked an impressive 8-0-0 fight record.
However, 2010 ended his winning streak as he lost his first fight something which he admits was due to his over confidence.
Now the pressure to win was off, training was excelled and Danny was eager to enter bigger fights and prove his fighting ability. So much so he volunteered to face Gunnar Nelson, a fight that many others had declined.
Determined to win, Danny vigorously trained. He spent 12 weeks at fight camp, pushing his limits and training like he never had before. However, to his devastation, he was defeated in the first round via rear-naked choke.
“Everybody they asked turned down that fight and I was like nobody has asked me. So I got the fight and trained really hard and I was devastated when I lost. I think out of every fight I’ve lost I could avenge myself except for him. He’s my kryptonite.”
Once again Danny came back from the loss and continued to fight all over Europe and the UK. He is an undefeated champion in the majority of European countries including Sweden, the country where he landed his UFC contract.
Danny was just in the right place at the right time. His confidence and execution during his fight caught the eye of a prominent figure in the fighting community, Monty Cox. After exchanging details Danny was soon contacted and given a UFC contract.
This was his big break however it came at a difficult time. His father had just been diagnosed with cancer and as his UFC debut approached his father’s condition began to deteriorate.
To Danny’s relief his father did manage to attend his UFC fight in London but sadly Danny’s father passed not long after his UFC debut.
Photo Cred to MMA Plus

While the UFC was calling Danny was in the midst of grieving and supporting his mother meaning his training took a back burner. Instead of attending fight camp Danny attempted to train himself. This was not enough and he lost his second UFC fight and was ultimately dropped by UFC.

Yet the Cheesecake Assassin wasn’t defeated. He got back up and focused on fighting, training and coaching. He is working tirelessly to become the fighter that didn’t back down. He wants to be remembered as the fighter who would enter the cage with anyone, regardless of their reputation or fight record.
As for the future, Danny see’s another five to six years of him being a fighter. After that, he plans on coaching full time and gets his fighters even further than himself.
“I’d say I’ve got another five years of good fighting in me then I’ll get fat and laugh. I might keep fighting, maybe once a year but at heavy weight.”
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Behind The Fighter: Aaron Aby – Not Just A Fighter In The Cage But A Fighter Through And Through!

MMA fighter and Cystic Fibrosis battler, Aaron Aby makes his debut on Fight Life TVs Behind The Fighter.

Fight Life TV has an extraordinary interview with MMA fighter Aaron Aby in the next instalment of the Behind The Fighter series. The Welsh man, Aaron not only battles in the cage but every day in his life as he lives with Cystic Fibrosis.
In this raw interview, Aaron candidly talks about his condition, the challenges he has overcome and his fearless pursuit of his passion for MMA fighting.
Having been born with Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic condition that primarily affects the lungs, his parents were told he would only live until he was 16. Since then research has meant that his life expectancy has drastically changed.
Although his condition affects his lungs he was never discouraged from playing sports. His parents believed that he should be like every other kid, he should play with his friends and participate in sports.
Not only did this decision encourage him to be a child and run around it also allowed him to figure out that not only could he keep up with other children he was actually fitter than most of them.
“My family always pushed me to be like everyone else and I found I could be like them. I found out that I could be normal and that I could keep up.”
From there in Aaron didn’t let anything hold him back. In later years he would attend an MMA class with his uncle. A class that would enthuse him and ultimately kick-start his obsession with combat sport.
After his first session, he was hooked. In a few short months, Aaron was training there practically every day focusing and refining his fighting skills. His determination to learn enabled him to progress to amateur level.
Five years later Aaron had racked up an impressive fight record of 10-0-0, he’d fought most in the business and was eager for more fights. Given the lack of exposure for MMA meant Aaron had very few opponents that he could face at amateur level and so he made the executive decision to turn pro.
A decision that created a career for him, that continues to enthral him and one which immensely improved his health. Exercise is a key factor that can improve the lives of those living with cystic fibrosis.

Something with inspired Aaron and his father to open their gym IPC (Inspire Performance Gym) in Wrexham. The gym was launched in a bid to not only train but to encourage others to get fit no matter who they are or if they suffer from a disability or illness.

“Exercise is almost a cure for me so we wanted to use the gym to inspire others to be healthy, have the motivation and have goals and be healthy.”
The gym has given Aaron the time to refine his coaching skills, another formidable talent of his, it has also allowed him to build a community of friends that are determined to better themselves.
These relationships have made it easier for him as he doesn’t always get to spend time with his friends. Given his strict diet and constant training regime, means he often misses social engagements and while he misses them he knows that sacrifices are necessary for success.
His perseverance for success even has him training all year round, ensuring he is constantly ready and in perfect condition for a fight. Even after a fight Aaron only takes a few days off from training to recuperate, unlike most fighters. Most fighters tend to take six to eight weeks off after a fight in order to relax and rest.


For Aaron fighting and training isn’t just a job it’s a lifestyle and something he couldn’t comprehend not living.

“I’ve never really thought about what I would do if I wasn’t a fighter, it’s never crossed my mind. It’s the last thing I think about before I go to bed and the first thing I think of when I get up.”

While training dominates the majority of his time, Aaron also dedicates his time to coaching at IPC referencing his knowledge and skill that he has built up over the years.
No matter what a person enters the gym for whether that’s to fight, to train or to keep fit the gym offers help, advice and workout regimes that work. They even offer meal planning in order to help with a well-rounded balanced lifestyle.
His passion and enthusiasm have helped transform lives of those who train at IPC so much so that two members have gone on to become accomplished professional fighters. Both have won the ICE British Championship, one at flyweight and the other at Bantamweight.
While this is a huge accolade to Aaron he actually sees it as a massive inspiration. He sees two people who came in the gym with a mission to change their lifestyle and become fitter and both people smashing their goal.
Throughout his life he has seen the success and determination to inspire him, to motivate and to keep him pursuing a combat sport.
While he may have been born with a life threatening condition it is quite clear that Aaron is a warrior both inside and outside the cage.
Although his condition isn’t something he hides, very few opponents aren’t aware of his situation something which he values. Whilst some fighters view his condition as a disadvantage, Aaron views it in a completely opposite manner.
The mental durability of facing and fighting cystic fibrosis has enabled him to face difficult situations in a calm and collective manner.

“I do think it’s a bit of an advantage especially when it comes to mental durance. I am prepared for anything and ready to constantly keep on fighting.”

This is also reflected in what he considers a great fight. For most fighters, a quick win is something they enjoy, even aim for, for Aaron he essentially views it as a waste of a fight. He is much more in favour of a fight that lasts longer, that tests his skills and puts him in difficult positions.

Aaron’s entire outlook on life, his dedication to his career and coaching and his desire to live a full and meaningful life is what sets him apart from other fighters.

He intends to keep on fighting, securing bigger fights, with bigger fighters in a bid to up his fighting record and renowned fighter.

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Is Andrew DeVent the Nicest Man in MMA? Find Out On Behind The Fighter!

A Lion in the cage but a gentleman and loving father outside. This weeks Behind The Fighter features the champ Andrew DeVent.

Andrew ‘The LionPaw’ DeVent is known for being one of the nicest fighters outside the ring, inside he is an animal. Over the years he has had some impressive wins, this 38-year-old Mancunian does not hold back.
Growing up in South Manchester, Andrew was forever getting into fights, he was competitive and he wanted to prove himself.
“I’ve always had a competitive streak and I’ve always been a fighter, from the day I was born. I was a warrior from day one.”
However, this was not the start of his successful career in MMA, falling in with a bad crowd Andrew was constantly in and out of prison up until his mid-20s. Then he made a drastic change following the death of his father while Andrew was in prison.
On the day of his father’s death Andrew rang his dad and told him, he was going to turn his life around he said he loved him and unwittingly said his last goodbyes. In his dad’s memory, he transformed his life.
“Yeah I am proud of how far I’ve come, I completely turned my life around. Of course there are days I wake up and I have regrets but I am proud of what I’ve achieved.”
 Surprisingly Andrew started his career at age 27 an age when most fighters have built a reputation for themselves. Eleven years on ‘The LionPaw’ continues to fight. Continues to win.
Starting with a focus on Thai-boxing he was soon converted to MMA when he was persuaded to ‘check-out’ the Manchester Ground ‘n’ Pound gym. That was the beginning of his successful career.
His first professional fight was for the GP UK WelterWeight title – a big fight for the start of an MMA career.
“It was mad. Like, for my first debut I fought for a British title.”
From there he began to get more fights but after stepping up from Mid-Weight to WelterWeight he found it hard to maintain a winning streak. Eventually, he dropped back to Mid-Weight. Back in his rightful category he soon began to rack up the wins.
“I’d have one win, one loss, two wins, two loses. It just wasn’t right for me, I shouldn’t have changed category really. But fall once, rise twice, that’s me.”
‘The LionPaw’ certainly proved that in a rematch with David Round who he defeated in the first round at Tankō Fighting Championships Two. It was an anticipated fight, Andrew had lost in the first fight so coming back and taking the win was a huge achievement.

DeVent’s win against David Round at Tankō Fighting Championships 2
He continues to fight, to win with his daughter inspiring him to be the man he is, the man he became after his father died and the man who stormed his way into the MMA circuit.
“My biggest inspiration is my little girl. She just inspires me. She’s me sun, me heart, me air, she’s everything.”
While Andrew isn’t ready to finish fighting, mainly because his daughter won’t let him, he does have future plans for when he retires. He won’t be hanging up the boxing gloves instead he’ll be passing them on as he enters the cage as a world class coach.
“I’m going to be a world class coach. I’m going to pass on my skill and knowledge to those who want it. I want to take other fighters to the top, further than me even because that will be an achievement in itself.”
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Watch Behind The Fighter with Kane Mousah – A Man Determined to be the Best!

Kane Mousah a man with a dubious past who overcame the worst to become the best.

Fight Life TV’s documentary shows Kane Mousah like you’ve never seen before. Opening up about his almost rise to fame to his running-ins with the law. He is a man who crawled to the top, only to be thrown to the ground and have to start all over again.
As a child, Kane had a loving upbringing with a mother who worked hard to give him the best. However, as a teenager, he was sucked in by the gang culture and inevitably into a life of crime.
“Growing up in Rusholme there was a lot of different characters, strong characters, some that would get up to bad things. And obviously when you go playing out on the streetsyou end up hanging around with those type of people.”
After being introduced to MMA, Kane’s life changed. For a short time, he broke away from the gangs as he became more focused on MMA.
Training at Ground ‘n’ Pound in Moss Side, he realised that MMA was on a whole other level to street fighting. Running away or having your friends in the fight was not an option. Kane had to face those skilled men one on one and learn how to fight, MMA style.
Despite getting knocked down, bruised and battered he couldn’t resist turning up for training sessions as he progressively improved as a fighter. Moving to a gym that taught more technical fighting skills, his presence on the streets reduced as his passion and dedication grew.
“My contribution to the streets reduced and when the fighting started to take off I just thought no, you’ve really got the potential to do something here. It’s time to get serious.”
Kane’s career was taking off, he was close to being on UFC. He even got an audition in Vegas due to his boisterous character. However, he didn’t get in, despite his rapping efforts. Kane had to have three profession fights under his belt before UFC would accept him.
Knowing this he worked tirelessly to get professional fights. Securing and winning two fights, he only needed one more to make his UFC dream happen. However, that last fight never came. Sadly Kane ended up getting arrested and served four years in prison.
“I was young and stupid but I learned from it. I wasted years in prison and I wanted to make sure that never happened again.”
With sheer will, Kane turned his life around, he got his trainer qualification and he spent hours in the gym, improving his fighting skills.
So far his determination has rebuilt his reputation and his life. He has won against some of the biggest names in MMA. To this day he continues to work hard, making up for the years he lost whilst imprisoned.
“What’s next for Kane ‘The Danger’ Mousah? Is a tough road, there is definitely going to be more pitfalls but I’m going to rise up from them again.”
Watch Kane Mousah’s debut on Fight Life TV’s Daily Motion Channel Part 1 and 2
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Brendan Loughnane a Champion in his Own Right: Behind The Fighter: Brendan Loughnane

Catch this weeks Behind The Fighter with reputable MMA fighter Brendan Loughnane.

Fight Life TV presents Behind The Fighter with the highly respected Brendan Loughnane. In the feature, Brendan opens up about his success, his career and how MMA has shaped his life.
Growing up in Manchester, Brendan spent his time sparring with his neighbour who sparked his interest in MMA. Originally he wanted to go into wrestling but he got the bug for MMA when he went to his first gym Ground ‘n’ Pound.
While training wasn’t as precise as for how he trains now, he had the passion for the fight, which ultimately drove him to pursue the successful career he has now.
Despite only having limited training, Brendan entered his first fight under the command of Danny Ram. Although nervous about facing his opponent Brendan entered the cage with full determination. One punch later and his opponent was out cold. He had done it.
He had won his first fight.
From there in Brendan began to take on more fights with much success. He eventually got a trainer, Anthony Mousah who saw the potential but knew work was needed to get him to the level he is now – Anthony still trains with him today.
“I already had the heart, I knew I could fight but I just didn’t have the skills to back it up.”
 Brendan began to gain more recognition and ended up becoming the second reserve for UFC and much to his surprise he got on the show. Once on the show, he began to build up a reputation.
“I was young and nobody knew me but I defeated one of their main fighters who they thought was going to win.”
 Although Brendan lost to the eventual winner, he came out of the cage with a reputation of a skilled fighter and he got the exposure he needed.
14468542_1818828878396051_2652261802492699087_oHe returned for UFC Live and fought in Australia. He entered the fight feeling confident but lost due to a unanimous decision.
“I won that fight, there’s no if or buts about it, he shouldn’t of won. Losing was the lowest point of my career because I’d trained so hard for it.”
 Coming back from his UFC debut Brendan almost quit fighting. But after six months he hit training hard and bounced back with passion and aggression. Entering every fight, facing each of his opponents with the determination which racked him up an impressive 13-2-0 record.
In the documentary, Brendan honestly reveals his very low points were he nearly quit fighting all together to his high points of becoming the champ he is today.
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