7 Niche Holiday Homes In The UK

Going on holiday goes hand in hand with excitement but sometimes though it’s nice to visit a place that is unique and unlike anything you’re used to. It’s an adventure.


Going on holiday goes hand in hand with excitement. It’s the chance to getaway, relax and enjoy the area around you. Sometimes though it’s nice to visit a place that is unique and unlike anything you’re used to. It’s an adventure.

Across the UK there are tonnes of unique holiday homes and places to stay. Ones that you may want to consider when booking your next vacation. With the help of Schofields, we’ve compiled seven fantastic niche and affordable properties in the UK.

Coppins Farm

EnterImage courtesy of Coppins Farm via Unique Holiday Cottages a caption

Imagine if it were acceptable to fall asleep on the train with no fear you’d miss your stop. Well, Coppins Farm may have the answer. The only difference is the carriage doesn’t move. Coppins farm has carefully converted a Victorian railway carriage into a holiday home that sleeps up to four people.

The farm is no longer working but the picturesque surroundings remain fully intact with the preservation of wildlife and wildflowers. Given it’s a farm, animals are more than welcome, including any pet horses that you want to leave roaming in the meadows.

Alongside the scenic area, you have the opportunity to:

  • Go Horse Riding
  • Drive A Tractor
  • Fly A Plane
  • Deer Watching
  • Go Boating or Fishing
  • You Can Borrow Bat Detectors/ Search For Badgers.

The 1885 East Region First Class Victorian Railway Carriage has two bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen living area and a covered veranda. During peak season (August) the carriage can be rented out for £400 a week. The property can be rented for a minimum of two days which costs between £165 to £240 depending on which month you visit.

Located on the edge of Stour Valley in Alphamstore, Suffolk, the railway holiday home isn’t too far away from the ancient market town Sudbury and the large village of Bures. Whilst secluded the farm isn’t far from local amenities with buses and trains available for transport.

For more information visit the Coppins Farm website.

Tom’s Eco-Lodge

Image Curtsey of Tom’s Eco Lodge

Dedicated to Eco-travelling, Tom’s Eco Farm has created safari tents, pods, cabins and cottages for a unique getaway. Tapnell Farm resides in the Isle of Wight and is only a short journey from Port Yarmouth.

With sea views, sandy beaches and space to roam you can either make the experience adventurous or relaxing. Depending on your holidaying style, of course. Solely staying within the farm can easily be achieved as it’s fully kitted out with a restaurant, gift shop, hot tub and gallery. For entertainment for the kids, the farm has a play barn, farm tours and adventure activities. Plus adults and children alike can pick their eggs from the chicken coop each morning.

Tom’s Eco-Lodge not only helps the planet but it also caters for a variety of holidaymakers. The Dairyman’s Cottage is a popular property that many enjoy. The cottage is sat amongst several renovated barns and two working farms. It has all the necessities including:

  • Open Plan Kitchen, Diner and Sitting Room.
  • BBQ
  • Patio
  • Large Garden &
  • Parking

The cottage can house up to ten people, having three double en-suites and a twin room. Disabled access is readily available, with ramps, a ground floor bedroom and a wet room for ease.

Due to the exclusive and exquisite layout of the Dairyman’s Cottage, it is a more expensive than the property above. A seven-day stay would cost over £1,800 in peak season. Although pricier than other getaways the property can host more guests which in turn could reduce costs.

With a multitude of activities and villages/towns not situated too far away, Tom’s Eco-Lodge has the niche factor.

Shaldon Beach Hut 1

Enter Image Curtsey of Shaldon Beach Hut 1 via Unique Holiday Cottagesa caption

Shaldon Beach Hut 1 is a relatively new conception. The owners have chosen to transform seaside beach huts into a cosy holiday home on the sea front. Located in South Devon, Shaldon Beach Hut 1 is a rare property that can home up to four guests.

Although beach huts are typically small confinements, this property is designed with utmost comfort. Having both an upstairs and downstairs enables the property to feel bigger, especially given the open plan setting. As an added bonus, the hut also comes with a secluded terrace all kitted out with stylish beachside furniture. There is also one parking space available for guests, a great deal given the close proximity to the sea and town.

Whilst the perfect property for summer, Beach Hut 1 is also the perfect winter getaway for a romantic staycation. With underfloor heating and a cosy setting, the beach hut can easily be an unusual winter break.

During peak season a seven-day stay can cost over £900. It’s a fair price given a unique style, features and location.

This 5* luxury property has gained much attraction since its conversion. Just last September the property was listed in the top 12 of Beach Hut properties in the world by MailOnline Travel. It’s also been featured on BBC1, Countryfile and George Clarke’s Amazing Places, as well as multiple national newspapers.

To book your beachside getaway visit Shaldon Beach Hut online.

The Towers

Image Curtsey of The Towers via Unique Holiday Cottages


Ever wanted to live like a king for a week? Here’s your chance. The Tower in Reynoldston, Swansea is a castle retreat, that lies at the front gates of Penrice Castle in South Wales.

In the 1790s Penrice Castle built a gothic folly to create the appearance of a ruined castle. This has since been turned into a holiday rental home that has a lot of attraction for newlyweds and couples.

With access to the historic park and gardens, the tower is a very appealing place to stay. It’s ideal for boating, golf, water sports, horse riding, fishing and walking.

The castle retreat comes with a kitchen, sitting room, washer, dryer and bathroom all of which is located downstairs. The upper floor consists of one circular bedroom that is suitable for two and the essential bedroom furniture. Whilst it’s a generic layout the entire property has multiple gothic windows that look out onto the vast greenery of the castle gardens.

The unique structure and grandeur of the castle make the property highly desirable. Unsurprisingly, staying at the property isn’t cheap and bookings are hard to come by.

Then again how many people can say they’ve slept in a castle and lived like a King or Queen?

Visit The Towers website to book your stay, your highness!

The Dipping Shed

Image Curtsey of The Dipping Shed via Unique Holiday Cottages

If you enjoy secluded holidays with your own privacy The Dipping Shed is the perfect holiday home for you. This characterful retreat in Shropshire can only be accessed by climbing a steep hill and then a set of stairs.

The rural estate is well and truly hidden away for those who want to relax away from civilisation. Despite being out of the way guests can still have fun as they search for several hidden treasures located around the property. One of its best features are the views which scour across the area, providing beautiful views of the West Lake and Long Myrd.

Inside the property has an open plan layout with the kitchen, living room, double bedroom and bathroom. The upstairs section can only be accessed by a sturdy ladder but does reveal another double bedroom. Despite the secluded nature, the holiday home comes with electricity that is powered by a generator and there is also a wood burning stove and Rayburn, each powered by gas.

Although tucked away in a remote area, there is a Main Hall and Ballroom which is less than ten minutes away on foot or a few minutes drive away.

The Dipping Shed provides an entirely new meaning to the typical English staycation. Nestled amongst trees the holiday home provides a cosy and romantic atmosphere for holidaymakers to enjoy. The property is open all year round with prices differentiating between certain seasons. In the Christmas months, a weekly stay would cost £750 whilst peak summer season would cost £650.

Depending on your holiday preferences, the secluded and hidden property may cater to your needs more than a lively beachside resort. If you wish for a secluded staycation then head over to The Dipping Shed website.

Wanderlust Gypsy Caravan

Image Curtsey of Wanderlust Gypsy Caravan

Here’s a staycation property that isn’t like any other. Holidaymakers can stay in a traditional gipsy caravan that can be horse drawn throughout Cumbria and the Lake District.

The brains behind this unique getaway are Barny and partner Katus who have spent decades restoring Gypsy caravans. The business has been so successful that they took on a new member who spends his time creating new paths for guests to enjoy.

Inside each caravan is a cottage tent that is kitted out with comfy seating. There is also a gas cooker and all kitchen necessities. Each caravan hosts two guests and bathrooms are located at one of the campsites in which the caravan will come to stay each night.

Although the Gypsy Caravan is very basic the idea and ability to roam around plus you can take in the beauty of the Lake District. During peak season (August) a four day stay costs around £800. Given the property is a horse draw portable holiday home that roams through the Lake District, it’s certainly a worthwhile and unique experience.

For more information head over to the Wanderlust Gypsy Caravan website.

The Old Chapel

Image Curtsey of The Old Chapel via Unique Holiday Cottages

As the name suggests this property was once a chapel that has since been renovated to create a large, open spaced holiday home. Once a former Chapel, the property is now a stylish holiday property that can house up to eight adults and two children.

Located on the slopes of Slad Valley in Gloucestershire, the holiday home has spectacular views of rolling hills and ancient woodlands. All of which are on the doorstep of the property. Despite the secluded setting, The Old Chapel isn’t too far away from Cotswold, Bath or Cirencester.

Whilst the surrounding area is an impressive feat the inside of the holiday home is equally impressive. The owners have taken their time to cater for any type of guest.

There is a spacious kitchen and dining area which leads into the large open plan living area. As for entertainment, the Chapel is kitted out with:

  • Satellite TV
  • DVD Player
  • WiFi
  • Digital Radio
  • Docking Station
  • Children’s Den (TV, Playstation, Wii, DVD Player, Beanbags, Boardgames and Books)
  • Enclosed Trampoline
  • Large Garden & Elevated Terrace.

The Chapel is available all year round and has off-road parking for up to four cars. The property itself has had a remarkable renovation yet prices are reasonable with a weekly stay at high peak season costing £1,600. With spectacular views, close to villages and towns and an extensive range of entertainment, The Old Chapel has been thoughtfully renovated.

Nicely Niche-d!

Holidaying in England has developed across the board with seaside b&b’s being favoured for countryside and city breaks. Which, in turn, has led to unique holiday homes popping up all over the UK.

Whether it’s secluded intimate properties or large plan spectacular designs, holiday homeowners have worked to be different. It’s the different places and properties that make holidays more memorable and enjoyable. Why not give it ago and relax in a cooky place for a few nights. You’d certainly have an interesting holiday story to tell.

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