International Museum Day: The Museum Bucket List

Today is a day that not only celebrates history but one that celebrates culture, talent and scientific advances. Today a day that documents everything that we as the human being have striven for throughout our entire existence.


Welcome to International Museum Day! Today is a day that not only celebrates history but one that celebrates culture, talent and scientific advances. Today a day that documents everything that we as the human being have striven for throughout our entire existence.

All over the globe exists a dedication or memorial that reflects the beauty and history of a country, town and region. Museums themselves are a dedication to the very foundations that resurrected a countries culture and its history.

Over the years hundreds of thousands of people have worked tirelessly to create wonderful, unique and fascinating museums. They are something quite often regarded as national treasures that attract millions of people per year.

Below are just a select few museums that are bucket list worthy and desirable attractions.

The Louvre: Paris, France


Sitting in the centre of Paris, in France is the famous Louvre art gallery. An art gallery that isn’t just an architectural monument but also a revolutionary art procurer. One of it’s most famous art pieces is the Mona Lisa who rose to fame due to her illustrious smile. A smile that the painter, Leonardo Da Vinci, spent over four years painting and perfecting her grin.

Although the Mona Lisa is a notable attraction, it’s not the only treasure that sits within those hallowed walls. Paintings of renowned artist reside throughout which entice art buffs and interested folk from all over the world. Notable artist Alexandros of Antioch and Michelangelo who has delicately carved sculptures.

Whilst the museum attracts many for its art by distinguished artists, it also receives a lot of guests due to the various exhibitions throughout the year. The Louvre showcases a variety of modern and ancient art pieces that represent different ideologies and significant historical moments.

Naturally, it’s what’s inside that counts but the beautiful architecture of The Louvre cannot be ignored. The glass shaped pyramid is a city and in some respects, a country landmark and it’s also a definite must have on the museum bucket list.

Natural History Museum: London, UK


The Natural History Museum in London is a popular attraction for both British people and tourists alike. It’s a museum that has a large and amazing collection of creatures dating back to prehistoric carnivores to modern day giants.

The museum itself is a massive building that was originally meant to be another cathedral for London. Whilst jaw-droppingly magnificent, the museum stretches out for miles. Its spacious design allows for a wealthy collect of creatures.

Throughout the museum, there are rooms dedicated to key periods in time, from the dinosaurs to living creatures today. There’s even a giant sloth that stands over ten feet tall and then, of course, there is Dippy, the Diplodocus. Dippy being one of London’s famous dinosaurs that many children and adults marvel at.

The Natural History Museum is filled with all sorts of natural wonders. From bugs to dinosaurs to lions, tigers and bears, the museum has it all. And it truly is a treasure to London and its visitors.

The Vatican Museum: Rome, Italy


Rome in Italy is a beautiful place that has many historical landmarks and places of historical interest. One of its main features is the Vatican. Not only is the home to the Pope it’s also a religious relic which holds much of the Catholic history.

Ancient tapestries, paintings and stained glass windows all reside inside with each one being a dedication to Jesus Christ. It’s a building full of wonderous works of art from famous artists that also feature in the Louvre.

While the artefacts are a what people go to see the sheer structure of the Vatican museum shouldn’t go unnoticed. It is an architectural beauty. The huge domes, arches and marble flooring radiant light throughout the building.

Unsurprisingly the Vatican is on of the most visited museums in all of Rome. The detail, the history and for many the religious connotations has made the Vatican a widely known and must-see monument.

Museo Nacional Del Prado: Madrid, Spain


One of the oldest museums in Spain is The Museo Nacional Del Prado which first opened in 1819. The Queen at that time became heavily involved in a bid to protect some of Spain’s national treasures. Many of Spain’s residents believe that some of Europe’s finest art pieces sit within.

At almost two hundred years olds both Royals and government officials spent years cultivating its collection which now has over 2,000 pieces of art. Within its walls sits paintings and sculptures from the likes of Pedro Fernández Durán and Van der Weyden’s.

Spain’s extraordinary collection has become a beacon of their history. Many of the paintings within reflect notable periods of time for the country, it’s leaders and it advances in the world.

The Dungeons: London, York, Blackpool (UK), Amsterdam & Berlin


The Dungeons is a somewhat unorthodox museum and unique museum that chooses to focus on the gruesome. It’s a place that literally brings history to life. Inside its walls is a labyrinth of pathways that lead to various gruesome and historical eras. Guests are guided to the doctors, to court and even torture chambers that reflect the cruel Victorian and Middle ages.

In each room resides an actor that is decorated in mud, scum and outfits that re-create the historical time periods. Their ability to act is next to none as they evoke fear, they bring history to life by recreating the eerie truths of the past. Many of which reflect horrifying atrocities and crimes that occurred.

Not only is the museum highly fun, it conveys a huge amount of facts in a memorable and exciting way. The various museums around the world reflect historical events.

This may sound like a museum you want to avoid but you will be missing an experience like no other. The excitable actors, the creepy sounds and the gruesome history makes the Dungeons a revolutionary kind of museum.

Visit if you dare!

International Museum Day Drawing To a Close

For every second that passes history is made. Every decision, every war won, every crime committed, every animal that roamed has helped the human race evolve and become what it is today. Without knowing our history we wouldn’t be able to create a future.

Museums give us the world full of history. They tell a story of each town, city and country. Travelling, residing and incorporating a country’s culture enables you to see the world and see how they got there.

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