Does Saul Rogers Have The Mental Capacity Of An Ox? Find Out On Fight Live TV’s Behind The Fighter

Former UFC contestant, MMA legend and dedicated fighter, Saul ‘The Hangman’ Rogers makes his debut on Fight Life TVs Behind The Fighter segment.

Former UFC contestant, MMA legend and dedicated fighter, Saul ‘The Hangman’ Rogers make his debut on Fight Life TVs Behind The Fighter segment.
“I’ve set myself goals for this year, firstly I want to get back on top and start winning more fights and towards the middle to the end of this year I want to be back on UFC. I feel that’s where I deserve to be.”
This year Saul is solely focused on redeeming his former UFC status after it was cut short in 2015 following visa issues that resulted in him being kicked out of America.
Following a troubled past, Saul was convicted of minor offences, so insignificant that he didn’t think to put on his visa application. An omission that sadly led to his promising UFC debut end. Despite this Saul didn’t back down or give up, instead, he used the setback as a motivator to come back better.
At the beginning of his UFC debut, Saul had made promising advances despite a difficult start after having no contact with his friends and family in a somewhat brutal mental test.
Enduring a week of no human contact, he was then propelled into the cage, facing an unknown opponent with very little preparation. This was a nerve-racking challenge that would determine whether he would go home or go forward.
With sheer determination Saul threw punch after punch, eventually taking the win and while happy with the outcome, he was not happy with his performance. His fighting hadn’t been as skilled, refined or as agile like his usual pro record. To Saul showcasing his fighting skill and technique is on par with taking the win. He felt he hadn’t shown his talent or ability.
However the win gave him the chance redeem himself, he was in the UFC house and was allowed contact with his family and the other fighters. This was a significant change that lifted Saul’s almost depressed funk and from there in, victory was a mindset, not a dream.
He defeated every opponent and was due to fight in the final when his youthful crimes caught up with him. His visa was revoked and his contract with the UFC sadly ended.
Despite this devastating blow, this wasn’t something that hindered his mood or attitude.
“It was my fault, I was naïve. But what can you do? There’s no point crying over spilled milk. I just held my hands up, said I was sorry, picked myself up and dusted myself off. Now I could have got bitter about it but I knew it wasn’t the end of me.”
Upon his return to England he took what he learned from his UFC experience, he excelled his training and began to up his fighting persona as ‘The Hangman.’ A nickname he was given due to his fighting tactic of the rear naked choke hold. Currently, Saul has an impressive fight record of 12-1-0 with eight of those wins due to choke holds.
Before all of his success, Saul was a raw fighter who only became interested in MMA after making the conscious decision to find an interest in something that would keep him out of serious trouble. It was a decision that enabled him to become a successful coach and fighter with links to SBG Manchester and the UFC.
According to Saul, SBG Manchester has played a huge part in his fighting success. Originally he began his training at Colosseum Gym who trained him to a decent level. However, as he became aware that he wanted to make a career out of fighting he made the move to SBG Manchester.
This was a worthy decision that gave him a more stable training programme that refined his skills and challenged his fighting ability.
After relentlessly training Saul soon rose to pro level under SBG Manchester and began racking up the wins, creating an undisputed reputation for being a deadly fighter.
Throughout his career, Saul has maintained a good relationship with SBG who continue to support him both as a fighter and coach. His gym, the Mixed Martial Arts Academy in Bolton is SBG affiliated which means he has top coaches all highly trained in different martial art disciplines.
While he is focused on growing as a fighter he is still a dedicated coach with a passion for helping those who want to participate. Whether that’s a beginner or someone training for a professional career, Saul has the equipment, coaches and stamina to get them there.
And similar to his own coach, Saul ensures that all his students get the attention they need to develop their fighting skills.
Although he is extremely focused on MMA, training and coaching, Saul also has a loving family that support him unconditionally. His girlfriend Monica recently gave birth to their son, Zander and they each have daughters that keep their home lively. Despite this Monica ensures Saul gets enough sleep, he eats well and has the time to train especially when it comes to upcoming fights.
Even though it hasn’t been easy Monica has been a resilient supporter and pushed him to become the fighter he is today. Combined with his positive attitude, his positive outlook on life and a supportive family Saul feels he is the luckiest man alive.
“I don’t know how she does it. She’s amazing. I don’t care how much money I have I feel like I’m the richest man alive. I’ve got a house full of kids, it’s a madhouse but I wouldn’t change it for the world.”
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