Behind The Fighter With Lawrence Fitzpatrick, A Man Who Has Been To Hell And Back

Fight Life TV are proud to present another segment in the ‘Behind The Fighter’ series featuring tough nut Lawrence Fitzpatrick. One fighter who has been to hell and back again.


Fight Life TV is proud to present another segment in the ‘Behind The Fighter’ series featuring tough nut Lawrence Fitzpatrick. One fighter who has been to hell and back again.

After losing his father, sustaining multiple injuries and suffering from reoccurring heart palpitations, he hasn’t had an easy fighting career.

It’s only in the last few years that Lawrence has returned to the cage after multiple setbacks that each had the potential to end his vocation.

After reaching pro fighting status, he was building a strong portfolio, however, this was halted in 2012 when Lawrence hit his first obstacle. Sadly Lawrence’s father was diagnosed with lung cancer. His father had always been a part of his son’s career, he trained with him, he encouraged him and he sparked his son’s interest in combat sports. As a huge inspiration and supporter, Lawrence was deeply affected by his diagnosis. As time passed his father’s health rapidly deteriorated and in 2013 he passed away.


Grief is a funny thing that each person deals with differently for Lawrence he tried to escape it through relentless training. Naturally, his constant workouts wore his body out to the point that he struggled to complete a two-mile jog.

The fatigue had settled in and his fighting game wasn’t as strong, he began to make mistakes ones that left him injured and unable to fight. However, he was too eager to return to the cage meaning his body wasn’t fully healing. Once again leaving him vulnerable to injuries.

Learning from his mistakes he allowed his body to heal and began to prepare for his next fight when he hit another barrier. Lawrence began suffering from heart palpitations. While the palpitations plagued his mind he put off seeking medical attention until he very nearly crashed his car on the motorway. He could no longer ignore his heart.

Following multiple consultations, the doctors found his heart was out of rhythm it couldn’t be determined whether it was benign or not. To establish this Lawrence had to endure further tests ones that would last over a year and a half. Tests which would determine whether he would ever fight again.

“It’s was like my worst nightmare, I’d probably put my whole life into it and for it to end that way it would have broken my heart.”

One and a half antagonising years later the good news came. Lawrence was diagnosed with benign athlete’s heart syndrome. Whilst sounding serious it’s something that is a treatable and manageable condition for fighters.

He was ready to return to the cage however it was not meant to be. Despite his hiatus from the cage, his renowned reputation was scaring other fighters away. Although he only has a 4-0 fight record experienced fighters he was a risky fight. Whilst those who do agree to a fight pulled out at the last minute.

It was an impressive accolade to him but it also meant he couldn’t secure fights or showcase his talent. For every fight Lawrence has to ensure there are a few fighters in place, previous experience has taught him not to rely on one fighter.


His natural flare for fighting has meant he enters the cage confident and leaves victorious, even as a child when he first began combat sports he racked up notable wins including the National and European Championship titles.

Although he proved to be a promising young athlete he decided to take a break and chose to focus on fitness. In his mind, he had burnt out at a young age however it would seem he was also destined for a combat sports career and returned to the fight in his late teens.

After watching MMA live at Liverpool Olympia he was memorised by the skill and fighting technique. He had been swept up by the atmosphere and he wanted to get involved with the action.

As he got more absorbed by the sport he began to search for a gym that taught MMA, he wanted to learn, he wanted to practice. Luckily a martial arts gym opened up close to his home. However it wasn’t as simple, his fighting skill from his youth wasn’t applicable. He was forced to learn everything from scratch. Something which Lawrence pins his success on.

With persistence, physical endurance and unrelenting passion he was able to rack up an impressive amateur record and by 2010 Lawrence got his first pro fight. One which he won in the first round with his now famous trait, his relentless punches.

Over the course of the next year he upped his game, he moved gyms to one that was training UFC fighters and he fought in another two pro fights. In one year he’d racked up 3-0-0 fight record with a deadly reputation however that’s when his luck turned.

In spite of what Lawrence went through, the mental and physical strength he needed during that time has made him a better fighter.

“I just never gave up. I knew I could get there I knew I could come back. My main goal is to fulfil my potential, if I could do that I’d be happy.”

Bennett-vs.-FitzpatrickThe relatively new year is looking to be a promising for Lawrence. His first fight of the year against Felony Charles Bennett, formally known as Crazy Horse was a tense and exciting fight.

Charles debut in the UK had the MMA community in a frenzy. The Felony has built up a dangerous and unpredictable reputation, stemmed from his mighty record of 30-30-2. Compared to Lawrence’s 4-0-0 fight record he was up against a strong opponent. This was Lawrence’s biggest and most challenging fight to date and one that could be a massive game changer for him.

Not only will the fight show his capabilities and skill, his reputation would rocket and alongside that so would his career. Of course, Lawrence really would struggle to get fights in the UK…

“He’s an absolute legend but he’s a dangerous fighter, like out of his 30 wins 18 have been by knockout. Then again I know I’m a dangerous fighter as well so I know I can win.”

* At the time this was filmed Lawrence was about to face The Felony at TFC3. P.S He won! *

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