7 Top Tankō Supplements

Energy, protein and recovery, all the care a fitness enthusiast requires for the ultimate workout.


If you’re looking to build muscle mass, retain energy and increase speed then supplements could be the answer. At Tankō we have a variety of supplements that are designed to improve stamina, speed and fight fatigue. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, fighter or gym lover our supplements can help you get fitter.

Here are seven of our highest rated supplements that aid fitness.


If you’re wanting lean muscle growth then protein powders don’t come much more effective than Tankō Premium Protein. Every 25-gramme scoop contains 80% protein which stimulates protein synthesis, a process where the body generates proteins to build muscles.

The Premium Protein powder increases muscle growth, helps muscle recovery and allows you to have an effective workout. And with three different flavours to choose from (Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla) it is both tasty and nutritious.


When working out it’s essential to perform at the top of your game so you can have a more productive workout. Tankō has specifically designed the iBCAA formula to improve muscle growth by adding the amino acid Leucine. Leucine helps you to bulk up faster by building muscle mass at an impressive rate.

Plus the iBCAA shake is easy to make, all you have to do is add water, which means that you can ditch those meticulous pre-workout preparation and get straight to the gym with no hassle.



Tankō’s Glutamine plays a critical role in building proteins, aiding muscle recovery and reducing soreness after vigorous workouts. However, after bouts of exercise, Glutamine’s effect can decrease so those who train throughout the day may feel a lesser effect.

The Glutamine supplement is highly effective as it builds muscle to combat soreness after workouts. In addition to Glutamine, you could use Rapid Recovery to further increase muscle recovery and overall get better results.


Creatine Monohydrate is considered by many as a workout necessity. The organic acid, Creatine naturally occurs within the body in order to create energy for everyday life.

Combining Creatine Monohydrate with your diet will accelerate Creatine in your body and increase your speed, energy and help build muscle mass at a faster rate, therefore, making your workout sessions more intense and effective.


Vigorously working out can leave your muscles sore, post workout. Simply using the Rapid Recovery supplement can reduce muscle soreness and increase productivity after exercising or training.

Rapid Recovery contains isolated whey proteins and Digezme which release energy faster and speeds up the digestion of nutrients. Therefore reducing muscle soreness and increasing productivity long after your workout.

Muscular exhaustion can leave you sluggish but the Rapid Recovery supplement (which can be combined with the Glutamine supplement) will reduce fatigue and enable you to have a more intense workout session.



The Beta Alanine supplement has been designed to combat muscle fatigue that can occur during workouts. Beta Alanine contains carnosine which fights amino acids that cause muscular exhaustion.

In order to pump up your energy levels while you’re at the gym take the Beta Alanine supplement as it will combat weariness, increase your speed and energy so you can work out for longer.


The All Rounder has been regarded by many as one of the best protein powders on the market. And with a blend of five proteins, muscle weight and energy levels increase. In a single serving of the All Rounder, there are almost 50-grammes of protein which allows a slow release of energy which helps muscles to develop for up to seven hours.

When looking to bulk up and gain muscle weight supplements such as the All Rounder are ideal as they allow you to work out for longer, speed up weight gain and to maintain or reach your ideal physique.

Each of the Tankō supplements above, all enhance performance and give you a more productive and intense workout. We want everyone to be able to use our products, whether you’re a fitness enthusiasts, fighter or gym lover. Ultimately we aim to give you a more intense workout.

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