See Panicos Yusuf Like You Never Have Before in this Raw Interview: Behind The Fighter: Panicos Yusuf

In this raw interview Muay Thai legend, Panicos Yusuf opens up about his fighting career, his family and his future.

Panicos Yusuf is a renowned figure in the Muay Thai community. From the age of sixteen, he has been facing his opponents with pride and respect.
After starting from the bottom, Panicos fought his way to the top and in this documentary Panicos reveals the good, the bad and those pinnacle moments in his life that shaped him as a fighter and as a person.
Growing up in Cyprus, Panicos was very athletic, participating in volleyball and basketball but dropped these sports when he began Thai Boxing. The sport had got under his skin and his main focus was to become the beast that fights in the ring today.
“I loved sports but within two weeks of starting Thai Boxing I packed them all in. I just knew this was the sport for me.”
But life for Panicos didn’t focus entirely on Muay Thai. For four years he worked in a call centre, bringing in a steady wage for him and his wife. With the hatred of the job seeping into his life, his coach encouraged him to quit, get a gym and become a trainer.
For Panicos this was the best move he made. He is now a husband, father, fighter, trainer and businessman and has turned his hand to all things, Muay Thai. Even his wife and daughter train with him, giving them chance to enjoy the sport that Panicos loves.
“I love knowing my daughter and wife are there at the gym with me, it’s just nice having them there. I get to work and spend time with them at the same time. I’m lucky that I can do that.”
 Up until his last Muay Thai fight, he had won over twenty consecutive fights. Despite his record being broke, Panicos enjoyed the loss. The loss put the fire back in his belly.
“What makes me hungry is the fact that I can lose, because it means that I can keep training, I can keep getting better. I’ve got the buzz for the fighting game again.”
Now the buzz is back for Panicos he is once again ready to get back in the ring or should we say cage…
Moving away from Muay Thai, Panicos has been training for his first debut in the MMA cage at Tankō Fighting Championships. Having the buzz back has encouraged him to branch out to other mixed martial art sports.
Although Panicos is still eager to fight he has stated that he plans to retire in two years. But that is not set in stone. His new found enthusiasm for the fighting game has got him thinking whether he should retire or not.
“I say I’m going to retire in two years, but you never know. UFC may ring me up after my MMA debut if it goes well, you never know.”
 In the raw interview, Panicos speaks openly about his career, his future and his family. It’s a true insight into Panicos Yusuf as a fighter, father and as a person.
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