Brendan Loughnane a Champion in his Own Right: Behind The Fighter: Brendan Loughnane

Catch this weeks Behind The Fighter with reputable MMA fighter Brendan Loughnane.

Fight Life TV presents Behind The Fighter with the highly respected Brendan Loughnane. In the feature, Brendan opens up about his success, his career and how MMA has shaped his life.
Growing up in Manchester, Brendan spent his time sparring with his neighbour who sparked his interest in MMA. Originally he wanted to go into wrestling but he got the bug for MMA when he went to his first gym Ground ‘n’ Pound.
While training wasn’t as precise as for how he trains now, he had the passion for the fight, which ultimately drove him to pursue the successful career he has now.
Despite only having limited training, Brendan entered his first fight under the command of Danny Ram. Although nervous about facing his opponent Brendan entered the cage with full determination. One punch later and his opponent was out cold. He had done it.
He had won his first fight.
From there in Brendan began to take on more fights with much success. He eventually got a trainer, Anthony Mousah who saw the potential but knew work was needed to get him to the level he is now – Anthony still trains with him today.
“I already had the heart, I knew I could fight but I just didn’t have the skills to back it up.”
 Brendan began to gain more recognition and ended up becoming the second reserve for UFC and much to his surprise he got on the show. Once on the show, he began to build up a reputation.
“I was young and nobody knew me but I defeated one of their main fighters who they thought was going to win.”
 Although Brendan lost to the eventual winner, he came out of the cage with a reputation of a skilled fighter and he got the exposure he needed.
14468542_1818828878396051_2652261802492699087_oHe returned for UFC Live and fought in Australia. He entered the fight feeling confident but lost due to a unanimous decision.
“I won that fight, there’s no if or buts about it, he shouldn’t of won. Losing was the lowest point of my career because I’d trained so hard for it.”
 Coming back from his UFC debut Brendan almost quit fighting. But after six months he hit training hard and bounced back with passion and aggression. Entering every fight, facing each of his opponents with the determination which racked him up an impressive 13-2-0 record.
In the documentary, Brendan honestly reveals his very low points were he nearly quit fighting all together to his high points of becoming the champ he is today.
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