Watch Behind The Fighter with Kane Mousah – A Man Determined to be the Best!

Kane Mousah a man with a dubious past who overcame the worst to become the best.

Fight Life TV’s documentary shows Kane Mousah like you’ve never seen before. Opening up about his almost rise to fame to his running-ins with the law. He is a man who crawled to the top, only to be thrown to the ground and have to start all over again.
As a child, Kane had a loving upbringing with a mother who worked hard to give him the best. However, as a teenager, he was sucked in by the gang culture and inevitably into a life of crime.
“Growing up in Rusholme there was a lot of different characters, strong characters, some that would get up to bad things. And obviously when you go playing out on the streetsyou end up hanging around with those type of people.”
After being introduced to MMA, Kane’s life changed. For a short time, he broke away from the gangs as he became more focused on MMA.
Training at Ground ‘n’ Pound in Moss Side, he realised that MMA was on a whole other level to street fighting. Running away or having your friends in the fight was not an option. Kane had to face those skilled men one on one and learn how to fight, MMA style.
Despite getting knocked down, bruised and battered he couldn’t resist turning up for training sessions as he progressively improved as a fighter. Moving to a gym that taught more technical fighting skills, his presence on the streets reduced as his passion and dedication grew.
“My contribution to the streets reduced and when the fighting started to take off I just thought no, you’ve really got the potential to do something here. It’s time to get serious.”
Kane’s career was taking off, he was close to being on UFC. He even got an audition in Vegas due to his boisterous character. However, he didn’t get in, despite his rapping efforts. Kane had to have three profession fights under his belt before UFC would accept him.
Knowing this he worked tirelessly to get professional fights. Securing and winning two fights, he only needed one more to make his UFC dream happen. However, that last fight never came. Sadly Kane ended up getting arrested and served four years in prison.
“I was young and stupid but I learned from it. I wasted years in prison and I wanted to make sure that never happened again.”
With sheer will, Kane turned his life around, he got his trainer qualification and he spent hours in the gym, improving his fighting skills.
So far his determination has rebuilt his reputation and his life. He has won against some of the biggest names in MMA. To this day he continues to work hard, making up for the years he lost whilst imprisoned.
“What’s next for Kane ‘The Danger’ Mousah? Is a tough road, there is definitely going to be more pitfalls but I’m going to rise up from them again.”
Watch Kane Mousah’s debut on Fight Life TV’s Daily Motion Channel Part 1 and 2
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