Let’s Talk Tankō: 6 Top Tankō Training Essentials

For a great workout you need great equipment. Bulk up with Tanko’s quality sporting essentials.

Whether a fighter, trainer or fitness enthusiast, Tankō’s durable and comfortable gear will make your training sessions more productive. Professional Muay Thai and MMA fighters Dakota Ditcheva, Panicos Yusuf and Brendan Loughnane, as well as many others, have all approved of Tankō’s training equipment.

Below are six highly rated Tankō training products.


Tankō’s Shin Pads have been specifically designed for those practising or training for Muay Thai. Without Shin Pads it’s impossible for fighters to master knee strikes and leg kicks. If the pads aren’t used there is a risk of damaging your shins permanently and reducing your fighting ability.

Tankō’s Shin Pads include a shock absorbent, outer shell and a layer of triple interior foam that protects the shin bone. Over time using the Shin Pads will help toughen up the lower limbs and ultimately improve fighting ability.

The Shin Pads come in three different sizes (small, medium and large) and with a choice of two colours (red or blue).13775847_1777624592516480_5012799677577242059_n


Thai Pads are an essential item for Pad women or Pad men. Pad women/men have one of the hardest jobs due to its gruelling and demanding nature. Fighters use the Thai Pads to improve their striking accuracy as they aim their punches at the pads.

Tankō’s Thai Pads come with strong straps for a firm grip and multi-layered padding that allows the pads to withstand powerful blows. The pads are both strong and durable and have been designed to last for years, even if used on a daily basis.


For those trying to improve striking power and increase accuracy then Focus Mitts are ideal for you. The shock absorbent padding on the palms and extra padded support around the wrist ensures comfort for a longer lasting combat session.

To prevent the mitts from becoming too hot and sticky, Tankō have included ventilation stitches to reduce discomfort and increase air flow.

With flexible sizing, the mitt fits most adult hands.


Tankō’s Synthetic Boxing Gloves are ideal for those training part time or those new to the game. And with a light outer skin and a soft interior, the gloves can still withstand serious pressure.

The gloves come in five different weights (8, 10, 12, 14, and 16) to suit your needs. While the strong, secure Velcro strap ensures the glove stays securely on. Tankō have created the ideal glove for a starter kit that suits your combat sessions.



Tankō’s Boxing Gloves differ to the synthetic gloves as they are designed for more experienced fighters. The glove reduces pressure to the forearms and increases durability with its leather outer shell, triple density foam and strong seams.

The durability of the gloves is further increased full pressure absorption material. Whilst the gloves are well ventilated, ensuring a healthy supply of air and comfort. Together, the triple density foam, pressure absorption material and ventilation allows you to pummel away at the pads with comfort and support.

The gloves come in a variety of weights (8, 10, 12, 14, and 16) depending on what suits your training needs. Whilst there is also a choice of lace or Velcro straps depending on your preferences.


What every fighter, fitness enthusiast and trainer needs is a decent, light and comfortable t-shirt to work out in. Tankō’s Training T has a smooth and silky texture.

Tankō’s choice of high-quality material aids ventilation and helps to keep the body cool. You can choose to have the shirt in blue or grey and sizes range from x-small to large. The light-weight feel and breezy material make the shirt perfect for combat sessions, working out or going to the gym.

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