Is Andrew DeVent the Nicest Man in MMA? Find Out On Behind The Fighter!

A Lion in the cage but a gentleman and loving father outside. This weeks Behind The Fighter features the champ Andrew DeVent.

Andrew ‘The LionPaw’ DeVent is known for being one of the nicest fighters outside the ring, inside he is an animal. Over the years he has had some impressive wins, this 38-year-old Mancunian does not hold back.
Growing up in South Manchester, Andrew was forever getting into fights, he was competitive and he wanted to prove himself.
“I’ve always had a competitive streak and I’ve always been a fighter, from the day I was born. I was a warrior from day one.”
However, this was not the start of his successful career in MMA, falling in with a bad crowd Andrew was constantly in and out of prison up until his mid-20s. Then he made a drastic change following the death of his father while Andrew was in prison.
On the day of his father’s death Andrew rang his dad and told him, he was going to turn his life around he said he loved him and unwittingly said his last goodbyes. In his dad’s memory, he transformed his life.
“Yeah I am proud of how far I’ve come, I completely turned my life around. Of course there are days I wake up and I have regrets but I am proud of what I’ve achieved.”
 Surprisingly Andrew started his career at age 27 an age when most fighters have built a reputation for themselves. Eleven years on ‘The LionPaw’ continues to fight. Continues to win.
Starting with a focus on Thai-boxing he was soon converted to MMA when he was persuaded to ‘check-out’ the Manchester Ground ‘n’ Pound gym. That was the beginning of his successful career.
His first professional fight was for the GP UK WelterWeight title – a big fight for the start of an MMA career.
“It was mad. Like, for my first debut I fought for a British title.”
From there he began to get more fights but after stepping up from Mid-Weight to WelterWeight he found it hard to maintain a winning streak. Eventually, he dropped back to Mid-Weight. Back in his rightful category he soon began to rack up the wins.
“I’d have one win, one loss, two wins, two loses. It just wasn’t right for me, I shouldn’t have changed category really. But fall once, rise twice, that’s me.”
‘The LionPaw’ certainly proved that in a rematch with David Round who he defeated in the first round at Tankō Fighting Championships Two. It was an anticipated fight, Andrew had lost in the first fight so coming back and taking the win was a huge achievement.

DeVent’s win against David Round at Tankō Fighting Championships 2
He continues to fight, to win with his daughter inspiring him to be the man he is, the man he became after his father died and the man who stormed his way into the MMA circuit.
“My biggest inspiration is my little girl. She just inspires me. She’s me sun, me heart, me air, she’s everything.”
While Andrew isn’t ready to finish fighting, mainly because his daughter won’t let him, he does have future plans for when he retires. He won’t be hanging up the boxing gloves instead he’ll be passing them on as he enters the cage as a world class coach.
“I’m going to be a world class coach. I’m going to pass on my skill and knowledge to those who want it. I want to take other fighters to the top, further than me even because that will be an achievement in itself.”
Watch Andrew’s debut on Fight Life TV’s Daily Motion Channel
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