Eat, Sleep, Train, Repeat – What Does It Take To Become An MMA Champion?

MMA isn’t just fighting, it’s training, fasting and pushing your limits. What does it really take to be a champion?


Mixed Martial Arts is fast becoming a popular sport with more people engaging and training for MMA. What many fail to understand are the physical and mental demands that MMA requires. As soon as your foot is through the door of the gym, the pressure is on. Champions aren’t born, champions are whipped into shape with robust training techniques and tough workouts.



One of the most important assets for an MMA fighter is their mental ability to withstand vigorous, exhaustive and intense training. Fighters will enter the gym knowing they will be constantly sparring various opponents with minimum breaks. Having the endurance and mental capability will prove whether or not you have ‘it’ to even start an MMA career.

You’ve got to think about the technicalities. Would you be able to withstand constant blows on a daily basis? Could you go long periods of time dodging blows with minimal breaks? Can you turn up to every session and give it you’re all? Champions not only have to do that but they thrive on that. In the end, it’s the pinnacle moment of winning that drives them to keep training, to keep fighting.

MMA requires concentration, persistence and commitment. If you want to be the best then you have to have the focus, the energy and the mentality to drive yourself forward.

At the end of the day it comes down to one thing: can you survive being locked in a cage facing an opponent that could knock you out or break your bones?


While a fighter needs to be mentally prepared for the cage they must also have a good physique. To be a champion a fighter will need to keep training in order to maintain stamina and strength.

Doing exercises such as skipping, weights and push ups will increase a fighter’s physique. Not only does it make them strong it also makes them disciplined and if trained correctly, agile. All of which will give them an edge over their opponent.

Once a fighter has achieved a good physique they can begin to improve their fighting ability. They can learn how to fight, what techniques work for them and how to anticipate another fighter’s moves. They can begin to build rapport, they can work towards becoming a champion.


One of the biggest influences that keep a champion focused is the desire to win and the motivation to repeat their previous successes.

In all walks of life, without motivation or passion whether for a hobby, sport or even a diet usually leads to failure. In MMA if a fighter misses training sessions they are injuring their skills and potentially ruining their chances of winning. Those that wake up wanting to train are the ones that will succeed.

Training helps keep a fighter focused on a goal. It encourages them to constantly improve their skills, strength and fighting strategy.

But even if you do lose it’s key to stay motivated. Muay Thai champion Panicos Yusuf, who recently won his first MMA debut, once said that he was glad he lost a fight. Despite losing he felt he could go back to training, that he could work at improving his skills and become a better fighter. 

Becoming an MMA champion or even fighter does require effort, time, concentration and dedication. At the end of the day if you enter that ring and leave victorious you’d be hard pushed to find a better feeling. MMA can and has transformed lives. Do you have what it takes?

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