Cutting Weight- A Gruelling Test For Professional Fighters

The gruelling task of cutting weight, the extremes a combat sport athlete has to endure.


One of the hardest tasks for a fighter is being within their weight category before a competition. If they’re underweight or overweight then they must begin the gruelling task of Cutting Weight.

The term Cutting Weight means rapidly losing weight prior to a competition in order to meet their weight category. Whether they’re lightweight or heavyweight each fighter must prepare for the weigh-in and in the days before a competition, fighters go to extreme lengths to be on point.



There are various methods in which fighters use when it comes to Cutting Weight. Depending on how much they weigh over their category depends on the methods they need to take.

For those who only weigh a few pounds over, simply decreasing water and carbohydrate intake can shed a few pounds. Whilst also hitting the sauna the day before can help lose retaining water weight.

However, if a fighter weighs over five pounds of his or her category then they must increase their efforts to lose the weight. This includes cutting out all carbohydrates and water the day before the weigh-in. Whilst spending the day in the sauna and taking caffeine supplements also increases weight loss.

Sometimes increasing their efforts isn’t always enough and fighters that weigh 16 plus pounds over their category must take almost unhealthy approaches to lose weight in order to compete with their opponent.

This means fighters have to drastically reduce their food intake. With some fighters choosing to not consume food or liquid 24 hours before the weigh-in. Popular methods include using the sauna and taking caffeine supplements as they stop water retained in the body.

Another method fighters may resort to, is taking laxatives and it’s not uncommon for a fighter to cut food and liquid consumption two days before the event.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are those fighters who are underweight. To combat this, fighters must drastically increase their food and water intake and take water retaining supplements such as Creatine.


Despite the extreme methods in which fighters have to exhibit, under the correct circumstances, Cutting Weight doesn’t have to be unhealthy and very few fighters have to resort to the extreme methods. Of course, every fighter endures the cutting weight process but it’s just another gruelling test a fighter takes to become a champion.

After the weigh-in process is over fighters usually have 24 hours until the competition and they can consume liquids and food in order to make up the weight and literally be fighting fit. Afterwards, the main principle is to keep hydrated and eat little portions often as their stomachs would have shrunk prior to the weigh-in.

Cutting Weight is a gruelling method that every fighter must endure. What are your thoughts on Cutting Weight?

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