Champion Of The Cage And Unrelenting Fighter: Brendan Loughnane

Champion MMA fighter, Brendan Loughnane has been dominating the cage now it’s time to find out about his future.

In the past few years, there has been one name that keeps popping up, Brendan Loughnane. At 27 this Manchester fighter has smashed his way to the top, destroying top fighters on his path to success.

Since starting his career over 10 years ago Brendan has rocketed into the MMA scene. Quickly establishing himself as a capable fighter after demolishing experienced opponents. At the beginning Brendan had the fire to fight but his skills weren’t as finely tuned as they are now. Despite this, he still racked up the wins enticing his trainer Anthony Mousah. Anthony worked tirelessly with Brendan, eventually teaching him the skills that propelled him into the MMA limelight.

“At the start I was raw, I was terrible but I had the heart and I knew I could fight. I just didn’t have the skills. Anthony was a technician and that’s what I was massively lacking in.”

With passion in his heart and fear squashed, he faced monstrous and highly ranked fighters. Including Mike Wilkinson and Ali Maclean, both recognised and feared fighters. Despite losing to Wilkinson at UFC on FX 6 via unanimous decision, he upped his game, he trained more and defined his skills.

So much so that he agreed to a rematch against Mike Wilkinson at ACB Manchester. Following his win at Tankō Fighting Championships 3, Brendan has secured a huge following that urges for a victory. Currently holding a 13-0-2 record, Brendan has only lost two fights both via unanimous decision. If he walks away victorious at ACB he will take the win from a legend of a fighter and he will overturn his 2012 loss to Wilkinson. However Wilkinson shouldn’t be underestimated, he is a renowned fighter that has impressive wins under his belt. If Brendan is to win he will have to bring all of his invaluable knowledge.

2016 for Brendan was a knockout year having defeated David Lee at Full Contact Contender 15 in March. Later in the year he also won both Tankō Fighting Championships one and two against Eden Newton and more recently Paul Cook. Both fights had the MMA community buzzing as the anticipated big names colliding with one another. TFC 1 saw Brendan face Eden Newton, two rivals that had both fighters blood boiling and determined to win out of hatred of one another.

“That fight between me and Eden was personal. I’ve never had a fight like that. It wasn’t good and I know that and when I next enter the ring I’ll be more focused on the fighting skills.”


His fight at TFC2 in December was another enthralling event with many anticipating Brendan’s wins following his success at the last Tankō Fighting Championships. The pressure was on but the victory was his. Brendan won against Paul Cook via TKO in the third round much to the delight of the crowd.

The end of 2016 ended on a high note and 2017 for Brendan is looking to be another intense year as he sets to fight rival Mike Wilkinson again. Wilkinson won in the 2012 bout at UFC via unanimous decision. Since then both fighters have continued to grow with Wilkinson signing to ACB and Brendan who signed with Tankō. The question on everyone’s mind is, can Brendan walk away victorious or will Wilkinson take the win again?

Brendan will be storming into the cage at ACB on 11th March for an exciting rematch against Mike Wilkinson. Following a year of wins can he make 2017 just as successful? He is close to another shot at UFC and these upcoming fights could determine if he has the stomach for it.

Watch the space, Loughnane is ruthlessly making his way towards the championship.

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